my PSA of the day

While I haven’t really even begun to delve into the whole concept of feminism as it pertains to women in their 20s(I’m getting there, I promise!), I wanted to take a second to write about an issue that concerns all women – feminist or not. In my previous life as a social studies teacher I did my best to impart to my students how precious the gift of democracy is. I urged them all to register to vote when they turned eighteen and that their vote did in fact matter. I wish I could scream from the rooftops to let everyone know that with this election, it is even more important than ever to get out and vote and make sure your voice is heard.
I go back and forth between being deathly afraid and outrageously angry at the so-called vice presidential pick of Sarah Palin. I am afraid that people will see something in her that they feel will be a positive thing and vote her into office. With all the glaring evidence that screams the opposite, I still fear that people will vote against women and for Sarah Palin.
Just to drive home my fear, let me share some articles that shine the light clearly on what I mean:
Sarah Palin’s sex-ed stance
Women paying for own rape kits under Sarah Palin’s term as Mayor of Wasilla.
Fiscally irresponsible
and if you need any more convincing, let other Women Against Sarah Palin show you what I mean.
The fact that a woman in office could essential end rights that other women so valiantly fought for scares me. And, like I mentioned before, angers me as well! I have never been this fired up about an election before. I want to encourage others who may be intrigued by Ms. Palin because she’s a female candidate to do research and see what she is truly all about. How she is not for women in every sense. Please, read the wise words of Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem and heck, even Margaret Cho on this one…

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