It’s been a long, long while since I’ve last posted. I could use the excuse that I’ve been too busy being a mom and a wife but that would be wrong. I could just use the blanket excuse that life just got too hectic. And, while that is true it is no real excuse either. There is always some time here and there.
I think I just lost steam for a bit. Perhaps it was because I was more tired than usual due to lack of sleep. Maybe it was due to the winter blues or being cooped up inside for a many months while the temperatures dropped. Maybe I just lost my spark for a bit. Whatever it was, the fog is slowly dissipated and my creative juices are flowing back.
I missed them.
I think I got a jump start when my son got accepted into preschool for next year. He’ll be going three days a week for a couple hours a day. Immediately, after first congratulating us, people started asking, “so…what will you do with all that time off?!”
I’m not sure that nine hours a week constitutes a ton of time off, especially when you factor in driving to and from school to drop off and pick up the kid. It’s clearly not enough time to get a “real” job, so…what am I going to do with that time?
I’ve decided to start writing again. Now the trouble is sorting through all of the ideas that I have. One idea kept repeatedly popping up in my mind and I realized it connected to this sadly forgotten about blog.
While I was writing my thesis statement I was in my mid twenties and curious to see how my peers felt about feminism and its place (or lack there of) in their lives. Now, I’m married, a year away from thirty and the mother of a two year old. I am still curious about this topic but my shift has changed in accordance with my own life circumstances. Where is the space/place for feminism in motherhood? I am aware it is different for every mother, and that is what I am curious about. Just as I went and interviewed many young women in their twenties about their relationship (or lack there of) with feminism, I feel the urge to do so with my fellow mamas. I’ve already touched on this topic briefly in a previous blog post, but I would like to delve deeper and really understand the different perspectives surrounding this phenomenon. I’ve dubbed my foray into this subject “MamaFesto” – this idea that motherhood and feminism can exist together – the key is to find out how. I hope those who are interested join me on this journey and share their own experiences along the way.
On a small side note – while I still love the name “The 33rd Flavor” (for this indeed is truly the next step in my own research) I’ve dubbed this section of my blog “MamaFesto” and have added a graphic that expresses that. The graphic was created by the extremely talented Kym Bixler.

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