Why Men Should Support Reproductive Rights…like it ain’t no thang

This couldn’t be more timely. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post, comes this article by Aaron Traister, about why men should stand up for abortion rights.

Traister relays his own stories revolving around abortion – of his own mother and a past girlfriend. He goes on to share his wife’s relationship with Planned Parenthood from an early age and how it affected their own relationship.

Through his own personal narratives Traister makes it perfectly clear how men are impacted by these issues and why they should care about Planned Parenthood’s funding and abortion rights.

As a self-defined feminist who is raising a son, articles like Traister both excite and sadden me. Of course I’m thrilled that there are men out there advocating for reproductive rights and reminding others to do the same.

However, it bothers me that this is seen as unique and special, as something to be pointed at as a rare occurrence. While Traister should be applauded for his article and support of reproductive rights, just as anyone who supports these causes, I also wish it were more commonplace.

I wish my son was able to grow up in a time where it’s not controversial or sensationalist to have a man stand up for reproductive rights, as if it’s solely a fight for females. And so, in lieu of this being the case, I will work extra hard for that to be the norm for us.

Hopefully toting my son around when he was an infant, strapped to my back in his baby carrier, to all the various Planned Parenhood events and activities planted the seed, and as he grows up I will do my damnedest to nurture that seed so when he’s older, supporting reproductive rights will be commonplace for him.

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