You’ll See.

Our neighbors had a young girl, “C,” (age 8) visiting this past weekend and EZ quickly befriended her. They played with some remote control cars, and once the batteries died on those, found other ways to amuse themselves. At one point, I had gone back inside the house, yet could still hear them through the open windows. They seemed to be getting along great, so I was only partially listening until their conversation took a slight turn and grabbed my attention.

C had brought along her bike, which was heavily decorated in a Disney princess theme, and was riding it back and forth on the sidewalk. They began discussing her bike, since EZ was interested in it. He was explaining to her how he liked the princesses on her two-wheeler, and she was attempting to explain how that just couldn’t be.

C: “Girls like pretty things like fairies and princesses.”

EZ: “I like pretty things!!” (I could totally visualize the indignant expression on his face at this point)

C: “Boys like monsters and tattoos and stuff. You’ll understand when you’re older.”

EZ continued to sputter in disbelief, while C continued to explain, despite being obviously exasperated, that boys just don’t like princesses, a fact that EZ will only grasp when he’s older. You know, like eight years old.

At some point, my husband, who had been doing some yard work, interjected his two cents. I listened as he explained how we had a book about a boy who likes to dress as a princesse, and how it is possible for boys to like different things. I loved that teaching moment, and was poised to run out there, My Princess Boy in hand, to have a little story time.

It didn’t happen, though.

By that point, EZ had moved on and was digging in the garden for worms and C was ready to head back home. Before she left, however, she imparted a few more words of wisdom that only an eight year old could share. She directed them at my husband before peddling off on her bike.

“Somebody he’ll have his first tattoo. You’ll see.”

And who knows…maybe he will. But not until he’s much older…at least 10!

In other princess news, we picked the winner of the My Princess Boy give-a-way yesterday. Congrats to Becky (and her kids Maya & Isaac)!

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