Link Love!

Love in knit form. Found this reminder on a steel banister in town.
Knitting & random acts of awesomeness courtesy of Riot Prrl

My friend Ed started a new blog! There’s a whole lot of pretty to look at. So… go look!

Roseanne Barr is not only a hilarious comedienne, sitcom pioneer, and feminist, but she’s also a damn good writer. She recently wrote an editorial for New York Magazine, and it’s an interesting and detailed read about her struggles in Hollywood and more. Oh, and apparently she’s a macadamia nut farmer now as well.

Gender Across Borders has a post up this week that just set my mama heart a-fluttering. Please take the time to read this wonderfully written piece on The Misappropriation of Breastfeeding & the Shaming of Girls.

1. I was very surprised that there was such a thing as the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Super cool. 2. Not very surprised at their latest findings, however. 

I have a random obsession with mental hygiene videos from the ’40s, ’50s & ’60s that were shown to high school age kids in school. These videos usually were on anything from manners to drug use to dating/social norms. That might give you some insight as to why I’m fascinated with this clip of the documentary “Growing Up Female” from 1971 that’s currently making the rounds online.

This week’s song that sings to me is one that we’ve been singing around the house lately, thanks to EZ. I happen to prefer this John Denver/Muppet version, myself.

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