365 Project

I like to take pictures.

I’m not the best at taking them, but in a batch of 100 or so, I’m bound to find a handful that stand out to me for whatever reason.

Pictures fascinate me. They tell stories, give us glimpses into other’s lives and remind us of memories we want to cherish (and sometimes forget). It’s with this spirit that I embark upon the 365 Project.

The goal: 365 different pictures – 1 a day over the course of a year.

It’s both daunting and exciting all at the same time. I’m eager to see if I can actually stick to it, and am curious to see what my year in pictures will look like.

I won’t be posting the pictures here daily, but you are more than welcome to check them out over at the 365 Project.

I’ve made a tab for the project up above, and you can head over there if you need a quick link to the website, or you can follow me directly as well.

My goal is to take a new picture every day (and not use the stockpile of photos I’ve amassed). We’ll see what happens…

And just to officially celebrate the 1st day:

Picture #1 was taken around 4pm on June 1st…right between some hail and a tornado…

If you decide to participate and I’m not already following you, leave a comment below and I’ll find you there!

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