Summer Wish List

My friend Sarah posted a “Summer Wish List,” inspiring me to do the same. It wasn’t that hard of a sell, to be honest. I’m known around these parts as a list fiend. It even gets to the point where I make lists of lists.

So really, this was right up my alley.

Dive in and share my summer wishes and feel free to leave your own in the comments below (or link to your own lists if you end up creating them!). My wish list includes lots of fun, easy breezy summer-esque things, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I debated about how many to include, and in the end whittled it down to 31 in honor of this, my 31st summer.

1. Bike more often. Bike to the park, to the store, to the bank, to the reservoir. Just…bike.

I didn’t get this sweet ride for nothing…

2. Get EZ a two-wheeler bike and put in the time to get him from scooting around to biking around.

3. Learn to play the guitar and/or ukulele.

4. Visit new parks besides the 2 or 3 usual “go-to” ones we frequent.

5. Camp on the beach.

From our (trying to be) yearly trip to Cape Cod

6. Practice more yoga.

7. Try my hand at making my own fish tacos.

8. Knit something. I always start knitting once the weather gets cold, but due to my procrastination, it’s never done until May. I figure if I start in the summer, I’ll have something ready to keep me warm by October!

9. Go on more picnics.

10. See more awesome live music.


11. Take a capoeira class.

12. Make more jam!

My 1st ever batch of canned strawberry jam.

13. Pick blueberries (more than once!)

14. Read more actual books (and slowly ween from reading online). Suggestions?!

15. Visit NYC at least 2 more times (and make sure to eat lots of arepas & cereal milk soft serve).

16. Keep our tiny garden weed free.

My mom, EZ & me working on the garden last year

17. Paint our bedroom.

We painted the stairway/halls last year…then lost steam.

18. Bake cake in jars.

19. Make a pie for Sarah’s pie contest (her wish #19 as well).

20. Eat more pie in general. Preferably a la mode.

21. Get an IUD (is that too personal for this blog? ah well. There you go. It’s out there).

22. This will be the summer of the dress.

this one from J. Crew

23. Paint my toe nails all sorts of crazy, fabulous, wonderful colors.

24. Treat myself to a massage.

25. Eat more kale. (you know, to offset all the extra pie)

26. Eat soft serve for dinner at least once twice.

27. Teach EZ Hebrew.

28. Take pictures using my camera more (instead of my iPhone)

29. Go on a girls’ night out.

30. Turn my cell phone off (despite all it’s awesomeness) more.

31. Take an outdoor shower!

Upon a second glance, I realize that this list is a little food heavy, but I’m more than okay with that. My tummy is too.

Let’s meet up in September and we’ll see how well I did…

I showed you mine, you show me yours!!

4 thoughts on “Summer Wish List

  1. I want to learn to make jam. I would totally join you in a soft serve dinner (but where? williamsburg/tasty top?) or a girls' night.I'm a volunteer.The pie contest details might get more exciting. Stay tuned. Love your list! Love list-ing with you.

  2. I already had soft serve for dinner! It's called a Humphrey Yogurt. So, good. tart plain yogurt with strawberries, bananas and blueberries on top and honey and granola. delishYou should have had on that list – meet Nicole in person. lol. We should do that.

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