Link Love!

Back from vacation and ready to share the love…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely abhor the show Toddlers & Tiara’s, but this? This I can live with.

I loved reading this post about pit hair from Bust so much that I had to comment. The picture is kind of awesome as well.

This list of top 100 kid’s books of all time has been making the rounds. A bunch of our favorites are up there and a bunch of books that I’m “meh” about. What’s your take?
These Barnes and Noble coupons might save some money if you want to pick up a few.

Time for a little self promotion! While I was away, two pieces that I wrote were published. This first one is from an essay contest that I won and the 2nd is all about why we chose to have a doula attend the birth of our son.

The song that sings to me was one that was played this past weekend at the Phish music festival that we attended. It sums up the weekend perfectly.

Feel free to share links that you’ve been loving on in the comments!

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