Link Love!

A little love via Natalie Dee…b/c who doesn’t love ice cream?

How about a little self-serving love this Friday? No…not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter! I created a Facebook page for The Mamafesto, so hop on over there are “like” it and tell your friends, neighbors, mail carriers and random strangers you pass on the street all about it! For every “like,” a fairy gets her (or his!) wings. Promise.

* Michelle Bachmann continues to scare me, but at least Stephen Colbert makes me laugh a little over the absurdity of it all.

Despite the fact that I was stung by a bee this week (grumble grumble stupid weeding), I find these bee ear buds to be absolutely darling (via The Hairpin).

Not a huge fan of the article’s title, but the concept is interesting. Can a feminist diet?

I have a piece that will be published over at The Hairpin later this month (oh, don’t you worry, you know I’ll make sure you all find out when it’s up asap). If you’ve never checked them out, please do. You can read up on anything from ‘snappy things to yell back at construction workers’ to French cocktails, and their “Ask a Dude” column always gives me a chuckle.

The song that sings to me this week is actually a medley of Phish songs, and is the soundtrack for a fabulous (if not super fast and tweaky on the eyes) video that highlights the incredible weekend we had over 4th of July.

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