Link Love!

Friday love in the form of a bicornate uterus…(not min though).  It’s in honor of the IUD I just got in my own ute. Now we end the TMI portion of Friday Link Love. Carry on. 

Actress Rosario Dawson was featured in Shape Magazine, and shared some smart insight into the problem of body pressure on women.

My friend Ashley wrote about suburban vs. city living. Where do you land on that issue? (Me? I’m all over the place! ha. Get it? All over the place? Yeah…the heat might be getting to me…)

The NYTimes parenting blog, The Motherlode, talks about the science of sex and babies. Totally nerdy and interesting to me. Thought now I feel like there was some miscommunication going on, since I really had absolutely zero sense of what sex my baby was in utero (despite everyone claiming they knew it was a boy. Mom = zero. Everyone else = one. Awesome.)

Next up on my summer reading list: Reality Bites Back. Because if I’m not watching my crappy reality shows, I might as well be reading about how crappy they really are!

Thank heavens Stephen Colbert is around to give the smack down on the new Summer’s Eve ad campaign that is both borderline racist and sexist.

Share your own links or link to things you’ve enjoyed this week down below!

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