Link Love!

So…Beyonce has decided that if she renames feminism, it would make it more popular/palatable. My opinion? People just need to get over themselves and their fear of the “F-Word.”

Cat over at the Hipster Housewife teaches us how to make laundry soap. I will so be trying this over the weekend.

What happens when you start to plan for a baby while dealing with anxiety and depression? You blog about it! Anne-Marie Lindsey writes about her struggles and triumphs in her journey to figure it all out.

So, I read Eat Pray Love with the rest of the world when it came out. However, unlike most folks, I just didn’t drink the Kool-Aid love it. If you want to see a non-annoying or overly bougie version of Eat Pray Love featuring 3 men doing it their way, hop on over to The Hairpin.

Stephen Colbert comments on responses to expanding access to birth control. Because if I didn’t laugh, I would cry over this stuff.

This is the song that sings to me this week…because why not?

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