Link Love!

It’s Friday! Make sure to play your cards right…

In last week’s Link Love, I linked to an article on Jezebel where Beyonce shared her thoughts on why we need a new word for “feminism.” Well, the Jezebel readership weighed in and…yeah. 

While this isn’t new, I did stumble upon it this week so I figure it’s fair game. Check out Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem baking a pie on The Colbert Report back in 2008.

Gender Across Borders has put out a call for writers for their new series: Tsk. Tsk. Stigma, Shame and Sexuality. They’re looking for a variety of voices and the deadline is Sept 2nd – go check it out and flex those writing muscles!

* Larry David: Feminist Hero? What say you?

Blue Milk recently wrote a post on Game of Thrones and Attachment Parenting…super interesting and food for thought (and a bit spoilery if you haven’t watched the series).

I’ve been spending way too much time over at lately. It has all the songs that sing to me and more. Being able to play DJ with a bunch of your friends (or new ones. Although to be honest, I’ve stuck with spinning some tunes with one particular fab group of people).

If you have any links you’ve been loving (other’s or your own!), feel free to share them down below or over on The Mamafesto’s Facebook page!

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