Summer Wish List: A Review

Back in June, I created a Summer wish list inspired by my friend Sarah. Well, as much as it pains me to say it, Summer is winding down, so it’s time to check in and see how much from the list I actually accomplished.

1. Bike more often. Bike to the park, to the store, to the bank, to the reservoir. Just…bike.

Eh…I did okay with this one. We biked often enough, but probably no more than last year. 

2. Get EZ a two-wheeler bike and put in the time to get him from scooting around to biking around.
Check! (this literally happened within the span of two minutes) And of course now he rocks the two-wheeler even with balloon butterfly wings.

3. Learn to play the guitar and/or ukulele.
Check-ish. The ukulele are on friendly terms. I can play such classics now as MmmBop, Bad Romance, and Only The Good Die Young. I am currently hard at work mastering Science Fiction Double Feature from Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
4. Visit new parks besides the 2 or 3 usual “go-to” ones we frequent.
Park fail. 
5. Camp on the beach.
Check! Went camping for 2 nights at the end of August in Cape Cod. Less than a 1/2 mile bike ride to the beach. 
6. Practice more yoga.
Yoga fail. Yoga’s more of a winter “sport,” – right?
7. Try my hand at making my own fish tacos.
Yeah. That never happened. But I did eat plenty of fish tacos from my favorite restaurant. (Call it a draw?)
8. Knit something. I always start knitting once the weather gets cold, but due to my procrastination, it’s never done until May. I figure if I start in the summer, I’ll have something ready to keep me warm by October!
Knitting fail. But, it’s getting cooler. I’ll start knitting in 3…2…1…
9. Go on more picnics.
Check! We went on a bunch of picnics – yay!
10. See more awesome live music.
Check-ish. The music we’ve seen this summer was indeed live & awesome, but I feel like maybe we could have seen just a wee bit more. On the plus side, we grabbed an RV and camped out at a crazyfun Phish music festival in July. 
11. Take a capoeira class.
Capoeira class fail.
12. Make more jam!
Jam fail. I made a batch of strawberry and…that was it.
13. Pick blueberries (more than once!)
Check! And while I would have loved to have made jam from the picked blueberries, we pretty much stuffed our faces with them the moment they made it home.
14. Read more actual books (and slowly ween from reading online). Suggestions?!
Check! I read some junk food books and a few thinkers. Highly recommend Room by Emma Donoghue.
15. Visit NYC at least 2 more times (and make sure to eat lots of arepas & cereal milk soft serve).
Check! We even procured the delicious cereal milk soft serve during a crazy rainstorm. Totally drenched to the bone, we still enjoyed ourselves. 

We definitely will be visiting again soon. Better start looking online for an Orbitz promotional code!

16. Keep our tiny garden weed free.
The start of the summer was weed-free for sure. We got a little lazy as time went on…
17. Paint our bedroom.
So, that didn’t happen. But we did paint a wall in our kitchen with magnet primer and chalk paint. Does that count?
18. Bake cake in jars.
Fail. However, this one is going on Fall’s list, because I still want to do it!
19. Make a pie for Sarah’s pie contest (her wish #19 as well).
Fail. I did, however, eat copious amount of pie at said contest.
20. Eat more pie in general. Preferably a la mode.
Done and done. 
21. Get an IUD (is that too personal for this blog? ah well. There you go. It’s out there).
22. This will be the summer of the dress.
It totally was. 
23. Paint my toe nails all sorts of crazy, fabulous, wonderful colors.
You bet. The kiddo too.
24. Treat myself to a massage.
Hmph. No professional massages for me. Adding to Fall list for sure. 
25. Eat more kale. (you know, to offset all the extra pie)
Check! Kale chips are my friend. 
26. Eat soft serve for dinner at least once twice.
Check. Also, soft serve in cola = pretty darn delicious. 
27. Teach EZ Hebrew.
Um. He can now say yes and no very enthusiastically. 
28. Take pictures using my camera more (instead of my iPhone)
Check-ish. It’s just so darn easy to use the phone…
29. Go on a girls’ night out.
I think I managed a girls’ night in…
30. Turn my cell phone off (despite all it’s awesomeness) more.
I’ll be honest. The phone pulled it’s weight this summer, but it did enjoy a little respite now and again. 
31. Take an outdoor shower!
Fail! It’s raining as I type this, maybe I should run outside and strip, just so I can check this one off this list…?
And so…sadly, as the days grow cooler and the leaves grow crunchier, Summer says goodbye. But, to be completely honest, I’m not all that sad. I’m a New England gal who loves the Fall, and can’t wait to get started writing up a list filled with apple pie, jumping in piles of leaves, and carving pumpkins. Said list should be up as soon as the Autumnal Equinox hits!

4 thoughts on “Summer Wish List: A Review

  1. I just found a lovely massage person ON MY STREET. Maybe we can go out after your massage? I must revisit mine once more. Maybe make a fall list? Ooh, radical. WIll it list anything beyond “survive this period of time?” Stay tuned.

    • If you could pass along your massage person’s contact info, I’d be eternally grateful! And yes – a fall list. Let’s do it. Have you also taken stock of your summer list? How’d you fair?

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