I Am The Future Of Feminism.

And so are you.

And you.

And you.

That’s one of the main points of my entry for the In Your Own Words video contest.

The organizers of the contest, the Women’s Media Center, asked people to create videos that shared what they thought the future of feminism is and how they’d go about working toward it.

When I heard about the contest, I knew I wanted to enter, however it was only two days before the deadline.

Two days to come up with an idea, film it, and edit it all up to submit it in time.

And somehow I did it! With the help of a lot of friends, I managed to get most of my ideas on film and edited so it only looks somewhat homemade.

I wanted to get across the message that just like there’s no one notion of what a feminist actually is, the same is true of the future of feminism. With so many different people working together, the future can be almost anything we want. I get that this line of thinking has a Pollyanna-esque feel to it, but I’ve seen the awesome outcomes possible when people do work together, so I know it’s possible.

I’d love a future where women are paid according to their ability and not their gender.

I’d love a future when things like slut walks aren’t necessary because we’ve eliminated the stigma and shame that many associate with sex and women.

I’d love a future where reproductive rights are a given and not a constant battle.

I’d love a future where the number and representation of women in media is consistent with reality.

There’s a lot more that I’d love to see in the future of feminism, and you can check it out in my video entry.

There are currently 4 videos up for consideration. You simply “like” the video you want to vote for. I’m not quite certain how long the voting lasts, but please check out the videos, and vote for your favorite. The winner gets a video chat with Gloria Steinem, and I would just about die if I won. (But I promise that won’t actually die, because I really really want to chat up Gloria!)

And on a related note, Gender Across Borders is currently running an amazing series, Tsk Tsk: Stigma, Shame & Sexuality. The series includes 3 days of insightful essays on a variety of topics within this sphere…abortion, sex work, religion, international issues and more. Please go check it out and support these courageous writers!


2 thoughts on “I Am The Future Of Feminism.

  1. Your video brought a little tear to my eye. My son is the future of feminism, and I hope, with every fiber of my being, that I can create a world for him that celebrates the ponytails he wants to wear on his toddler head, and the long hair he has, and the leg warmers he begs to wear. I love to read your posts about EZ because they offer me hope and confidence that I CAN DO THIS.

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