Fall Wish List

The Fall Equinox was last Friday, so I’ve taken it upon myself to whip up a wish list for the season. Let’s hope I fare much better seeing these ones through than with Summer…

1. Go apple picking.

Apple picking back in 2008

2. Make apple butter.

3. Check out a corn maze.

4. Jump in a big pile of leaves.

5. Go on a hike during peak leaf-changing time & eat cider donuts once we make it to the top of the mountain!

6. Make some darn cake in a jar ( I will not fail this season!)

7. See some awesome live music.

8. Bake a really nice pie.

9. Have lots of dance parties, especially as the days grow shorter & we need a little extra sparkle.

10. Create & wear something fun and awesome for Halloween.

EZ's 1st Halloween...he was a blueberry muffin!

11. Go on a hayride.

12. Carve some pumpkins.

13. Knit an infinity scarf.

14. Join the local Y and actually use the membership.

15. Use my bike as transportation for as long as I can stand the cold air (my tolerance for chilly weather is low, but if I knit that scarf, I bet it would help!)

I think I’m sticking with 15 for now. Having 31 things on my Summer Wish List clearly didn’t pan out so well, so my hope is that in halving this season’s list, I’ll actually accomplish some of them!

Oh! I asked the guys what their Fall Wishes are.

MD’s was: Eat apple pie…for breakfast!

and EZ went with: Having a piece of maple candy every day of Fall (yeah…I’m sensing that some wishes just won’t come true this season…)

So…what’s on YOUR wish list for Fall?!

2 thoughts on “Fall Wish List

  1. 1. You should.

    2. I started working on this list last week, and remarkably, somehow, managed to tick off at least 3 of these yesterday. (Marc joined the Y for us, we went apple picking, and who doesn’t like a pre-bedtime dance party?) I know have a 1/2 bushel of apples to deal with. Some are destined for Rosh Hashanah…others will probably end up in apple butter…

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