Quick Hit: Halloween

A few weeks ago EZ decided he wanted to be Superman for Halloween.

“…but I want my cape to be pink and purple.”

Okay, no problem. While I knew my own sewing skills weren’t up to the task, I had a feeling that either etsy or my mom would be able to help us out.

Then, only a few days after his announcement he changed his mind.

“I want to be Superman, but with a red cape.”

Again, not a problem, and a good thing that I hadn’t actually done much of anything in the way of procuring a pink and purple cape. 3 cheers for lazy parenting!

Then, this past week he decided that he wants to be Superman as a pirate. He’ll wear a Superman outfit, but also have a hook hand, eyepatch and possibly a pirate’s hat as well.

It’s still another whole month until Halloween. I have to figure that EZ will end up changing his mind another 15 times between now and then. Who knows, perhaps he actually will want to be Superman dressed as a pirate, or maybe he’ll want to be something else that he decides upon at the last minute, resulting in either the cheesiest of homemade costumes or a mad dash to whatever store has anything left in the Halloween aisle.

Thankfully, our dress up bin is pretty varied, and if worse comes to worse, I think a pink headband of mine and an old baby blanket might even suffice.

As for me? I had a vision of all three of us going as characters from the game Candy Land, but nobody else seemed into it, so mostly likely it will be light up bunny ears…again.

Anyone else definitely maybe sort not at all know what they (or the kids) are going to be for Halloween this year? Hit me with your costumespiration!

9 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Halloween

  1. I am pregnant this Halloween, enough to be showing but not enough to keep me from going out. I always thought that if I were ever pregnant on Halloween it would be funny for Husband and I to dress up as a high school quarterback and knocked up cheerleader. Thank you, GLEE, for ruining THAT for me.

    Also, my friend has annual parties. With themes. This year’s theme is “Alien Invasion,” so I bought an alien costume for my 3-year old son. Either the Husband and I will dress in black suits and (knock-off street corner) Ray Ban shades and go as the Men In Black to go along with our son; or, since Husband likes Halloween but dislikes dressing up even if all he has to do is wear a suit, I’ll revive the costume I plan to wear to NY Comic Con in a few weeks: I’m dismembering an alien from “Aliens” figurine and spirit-gumming the head and arms to my baby bump with some stage blood splashed around.

    Next year my son will probably be old enough to choose his own costume. At least I’ll still have a baby to force to my will for a few more years.

    • oooh, love the costume ideas! Yeah, the 1st year I dressed EZ as a blueberry muffin (and I dressed up as a chef) b/c I used to refer to him as my “muffin.” Then, he was a bat his 2nd year (and he *still* wears that costume today, even with the sleeves going up to his elbows, ha!). Last year he was a construction worker, made with bits and pieces of what we had around the house.

      When I was pregnant, I went as Britney Spears…big hair, sunglasses, Ugg boots, a short dress with bright colored bra showing, and I dragged around a doll (aka the other kid). sure, not the most tasteful costume (and to be fair, this was before her mental breakdown) but it was kind of hilarious…

  2. When my mother asked today whether we’d begun Halloween costumes (october 2nd? who does she think I am?) i nearly fell off the chair.
    It seems way too soon to trust any decision made re: costumes. By about three weeks.

    • Yeah, today when Mr. G asked the kids what they were going to be, E leaned over to me and whispered, “just a superhero, not a superhero pirate” – so I have a feeling we will be going through multiple changes before the big day. We don’t commit until the last minute, really.

  3. My 4 year old changed her mind at least 100 times in the last month. She has been planning Halloween since her birthday cake buzz wore off in June. Here is the partial list: clown, Cinderella, earthquake, astronaut, butterfly, octopus, volcano. She finally landed on butterfly — a rainbow butterfly. Last minute makes me crazy (and I am already pretty crazy) so she has now firmly committed to the butterfly. Last year she went as the little girl “Boo” from the movie Monsters Inc when Boo was dressed as a monster. That was a fun one to make, but I definitely needed the lead time! I went as Boo’s mother.

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