Self Care: It Takes A Village

Last week I went to Florida, and came back with…the flu.

It started on my second day there: a slight cough, a little achy, a little worn down. On the third day, I woke up fully congested. My body felt like it had been run over by a truck. My forehead was so hot to the touch, while I lay there shivering.

I texted my husband, the pharmacist, and asked him what to do.

My whining just leaps off the screen, eh?

He was spot on in his recommendation.

Despite feeling awful that I had pretty much ruined the vacation my mom, son and I had planned, what I needed most was rest and fluids.

And my bubby.

I lucked out having both my mom and my grandma to help me out. Chicken soup, rest, and somebody to watch EZ while I withered away in bed.

When I got home, I was still sick.

It only got worse. For an entire week I was laid up with what I’ve finally decided (with the help of Dr. Google) was the flu.

My view for most of the week.

I was pretty much useless. My body was against me; my arms barely able to hold a hot mug of tea or bowl of soup. My fever raged on, allowing me to alternate between feverish chills and hot sweats. Headaches pounded my brain, and a hacking cough caused my stomach muscles to protest. Needless to say it was time to practice a little self care.

Only, it was a little trickier to do that back at home. In Florida, I had the luxury of both my mom and grandmother fussing over me, giving me soup, cough drops and making sure the kiddo was entertained. Back at home, I had a husband who was working back to back days of 8-8 shifts.

How would I be able to continue getting better if I had to step up and be a good mom? EZ still had to go to school, lunches still needed to be made, laundry needed to be cleaned, and food needed to be purchased. (I’ve come to believe that while we were away, my husband subsisted on a diet consisting mostly of bacon, pizza & soda).

I had a moment of mommy guilt. Yes, I was sick, but I was still a mommy. Stuff needed to get done.

And then…in stepped my village.

Somehow, the entire week was made doable. Friends swooped in and picked EZ up from school. He had play dates at friends’ homes, exciting adventures with others, and as I lay withering away in bed, he somehow managed to: bake cookies, go out for ice cream, hand dip candles, visit a farm, play with fake snow & help his friend learn to ride a 2-wheeler – all in three days!

These same friends ensured that I was fed – bringing homemade soup and bread over since my cooking skills had melted away with my fever.

I’m still not 100% better…but I see the golden light of health and non-wheezing at the end of the tunnel…I’m close to being there. I can only imagine how much more beat down I would have been, had I not had my village of friends and family helping me out.

Now, near the end of it all? That mommy guilt has also melted away. People get sick. I got sick. It happens. And, thankfully I’m blessed with caring, awesome friends who stood in for my mommy & bubby – helping me work on getting better.


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