Blog In – Speak Out!

The internet is full of amazing things. From Lolcats to bootlegged HBO shows (not that I’d know anything about that…) to social media networks, it really seems like it’s all out there in the vast expanse of interwebbing (or whatever the technical term is).

And every so often, you come across a person or two that you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise and something…sparks. No, not in that way, but in a way that sets my activist spirit soaring.

That’s how I felt when I met Lisa Duggan of The Motherhood Blog. We met via Twitter and instantly connected. Despite a state or two of separation between us, through email, IM & phone convos we quickly realized we were in the same headspace about a lot of things. One of those being the upcoming presidential election and the overall political climate of our country.

We talked forever about our frustration, our anger, and our desire to do something. When Occupy Wall Street emerged we cheered them on, our fellow fighters of injustice. When Parents for Occupy Wall Street was created, we knew we found “our people.”

Born from our frustration and desire to enact change, Lisa & I came up with the concept of a Blog-In. We crafted a simple letter to the 2012 presidential candidates (and in truth, to all our elected officials) that we’re urging all parent bloggers to post on their sites on November 8th. 

The plan is straightforward: read our letter. If you agree with us, please spread the word, sign up and post it to your site on November 8th. In addition to posting the letter on 11/8, feel free to share your own words/reasons for participating either before or after the letter.

Email a copy of your post to the candidates, the president, your elected officials. Involve yourself in this new form of democratic protest. While posting a letter on your blog might not be the loudest action you can do, by collectively posting it, we can show that our voices are many. That parents do have something to say about the way things are going in our country and that we demand change.

On November 8th I will also be posting our letter, and will link to anyone else who does in my post! 

Feel free to ask any questions via email or in the comments below. And let me know if you’ll be participating!

9 thoughts on “Blog In – Speak Out!

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  5. I’m not a blogger and i just found your letter today but i thought it was wonderful and brilliant so i shared it on my FB. I’m thinking you won’t mind since the idea is to spread the word, but if you’d like me to take it down i certainly will. I also will be forwarding the letter to my elected officials. Thank you so much for writing this so eloquently.

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