Link Love

Link Love (I know…it’s been a while). More love than just links…

The past two weeks have been amazing.

A couple Friday’s ago, I had the absolute fortune of attending the MotherWoman fundraising breakfast. MotherWoman is a fantastic organization doing amazing (and MUCH needed) postpartum work in New England. It was over an hour of listening to inspirational stories, invigorating speeches and sweet music from two of my favorite women. I also finally met the fabulous Anne-Marie from Do Not Faint.

This past week I was was lucky enough to see some of my own political action take off. Lisa Duggan (of The MotherHood Blog and my partner in crime) and I organized Blog In 2011. What started out as a venting/ranting session between two women turned into a day of voicing our frustration through a new form of democratic action. Our Blog In brought in many parent bloggers from all walks of life that share our frustration with the local political climate.

My own series over at Bitch has been going really well (hell…if I can self promote, who’s gonna do it for me? ha!). I’ve really been enjoying writing about various pop culture issues and reading people’s feedback. My latest is a rant on the terrible toys that are out there. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas for this series…so if you’ve got any – let me know!

The last few weeks have also given me the opportunity to profile some absolutely amazing folks for the This Is What A Feminist Looks Like series. If you haven’t checked them out yet – what are you waiting for?!

On the same note – there are a bunch of other fabulous feminist projects happening right now. One of them is a photo-based one called “Feminist Photo blog Project.” I had the chance to submit my own picture, and I encourage you to do so as well!

That’s a good chunk of what’s been on my radar the last week or so…what’s been on yours?

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