Giving Thanks

When I went to pick my son up at school yesterday, there was a list outside his classroom. Next to each kid’s name was one thing they were thankful for. Next to EZ’s name were two things.

Superheroes & Giraffes

“Why two?” I asked.

“Well…First I said that I was thankful for superheroes, and my teacher said that they’re not real. She said we should give thanks for real things. So then I picked giraffes. Did you know that they have blue tongues?”

I think I did know that, but it hadn’t really crossed my mind in a while. In fact, the kiddo has been spouting off a lot of random animal facts lately…and for that, I am thankful. Sometimes I share my own fun facts with him, other times I learn something new, and yet other times I sit back and marvel at the fact that my son wants to chat about bats and echolocation for over half an hour.

So, I think it’s pretty rad that he’s thankful for giraffes and their blue tongues. I also think it’s kind of neat that he’s thankful for superheroes. Despite my iffy relationship with them, I dig the way EZ relates to them. I love watching his imagination run at full force as he comes up with various scenarios for his super alter egos to play out. I love that he’s turned his beloved game of “family” into “super hero family” (you know, where there’s a supermom, superdad & superkids. And they do a bunch of super stuff.) So, while superheroes may not be real, the effects of them are very much so…at least for us.

It seems, like EZ, I’m thankful for many things, and can’t pinpoint it down to just one. I’m thankful for curiosity, imagination, creativity, laughter, and silliness.

What are you thankful for?

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