This past month has seen a bit of a dip in posts over here, but it’s not because I’ve been slacking – I swear! A majority of my ranting (and a little raving) has been happening over at Bitch Media where my guest blog series, Mom & Pop Culture has been going on.

I’ve been having a blast over at Bitch, writing about everything from Happy Meals, Comic Books, Princesses and more. While what I’ve been ruminating on over there isn’t much of a leap from what usually goes on over here, it has been interesting reaching a whole new audience and hearing their thoughts/reactions to what I have to say. (For example, check out the comments on this My Little Pony post – who would have thought a cartoon pony would create such a stir?).

I still have one more month blogging for Bitch, and have a variety of topics to cover…the Holidays, toy shopping, The Muppets, reality TV and more. But, I’m always curious if there’s something specific that anyone is interested in seeing me tackle. I’m pretty much up for everything, and as long as it fits into the pop culture/parenting, I’m game! (so leave a comment letting me know!)


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