Pepsi 4 Lyfe

…or rather “Pepsi for Life?”

Actually, I guess the most accurate description of this post should be “Giving Up Pepsi Until Abortion Ends” – but really, isn’t “Pepsi 4 Lyfe” catchier?

And really, when it all boils down – that’s what this whole abortion argument revolves around: marketing/branding/language.

People who are against abortion are extremely clever in the way they frame their arguments. (not right, just clever). The term “pro-life” sounds innocuous, and even good. I mean, who would ever say they are “anti-life?!” But the way anti-abortionists make their argument at least sound somewhat appealing is using the way they phrase their argument. If you’re not “pro-life,” you’re obviously against it, and who wants to take that on?

It’s branding/marketing/smart use of language no matter how you look at it. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with musician and activist, Ani DiFranco. One of the many things we ended up talking about was abortion, and how Conservatives have very carefully crafted their language around their position. We need to do the same.

It’s just tackling the language on a daily basis I think is so important. For me I have to stop and choke back the words, “pro-life,” because that’s a particular frame that somebody came up with to misguide us, and say “anti-choice,” because there’s “pro-choice” and there’s “anti-choice.” Because when you frame it that way then it will ring in people’s ears differently. – Ani DiFranco

And what else is marketing but framing something in a way that appeals to people? We need to continue reframing/rewording ourselves to make just as much of an impact as “pro-life” (aka ANTI-CHOICE) supporters.

Now…back to Pepsi 4 Lyfe. A couple of YouTubes have floated pass me that need to share. Apparently there is an online campaign called Until Abortion Ends, where people can add pictures or videos of them swearing off something…until abortion ends. I’m not quite sure how giving up soda, coffee, Taco Bell, video games, alcohol or chocolate will help end abortion, but these folks sure are giving it the old college try. Again, this is just another marketing tactic from conservatives to reframe the abortion argument. In fact, the site itself asks you upon visiting “How Whole Life are you?”  – with the assumption being that if you are pro-choice that you are clearly less in some way.

In response to one of these videos, a young woman named Erin made her own video, and I think it’s well worth the four minutes to watch:

7 thoughts on “Pepsi 4 Lyfe

  1. I hate the term pro-life so much, every time I see it in a news article or blog post I send a letter / message. Continuing to frame anti-choice advocates as pro anything is a bunch of crap.

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  3. I loved this young woman so much that I shared her on my facebook also…I spent 10 years working as a counselor/nurse in an AB clinic and the anti-choice folks targeted many of us with death threats, vandalism to our vehicles, bombing our building, etc….it makes me so proud that the younger women are continuing all that we’ve worked for, I’m very proud of Erin and am happy to share anything about her cause at any point…contact me if you need anything else…

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