To-Do List: 2012 Edition

Every new year I make some resolutions (either out loud, or quietly in my own head), and every year, without fail, those resolutions ultimately fall to the wayside. My resolutions, like those of other folks, end up in unused gym memberships and as balls of fancy yarn that mock me as they sit unused.


So, instead, I’m taking it upon myself to write a “to-do” list. While I may fail whole-heartedly with the resolution thing year after year, I’m quite the master list-maker/accomplisher. In fact, one of my most prized Hannukah gifts from this year is a clipboard made specifically to hold lists.

There is something inherently satisfying about checking things of a list, and with that in mind, I’ve decided that instead of “resolutions,” I’m going to write up a “to-do” list for 2012. It won’t hold anything earth shattering or life-changing (as most of my lists do not as well…usually they involve, laundry, grocery trips, books I’m interested in picking up, or reminders to set the DVR/pay bills/return calls/etc…). Without further fanfare (because, really…we’re just talking a to-do list here)…may I present to you:


– Spread the good word about TIWAFLL far & wide.
I absolutely loved all the feminists that participated in my This Is What A Feminist Looks Like series in 2011, and I’m beyond excited to see who will be profiled in 2012. You can help by spreading the word to any and every feminist that you know, or by signing up to be profiled yourself!

– Have somebody with skillz do something professional with my hair.
I can’t actually remember if anyone from an actual salon touched these curls in 2011. I’m thinking I will rectify that (at some point) this year. 

– Be a bit more on top of laundry.
If only because having mini-mountains of laundry around the house was not the design feel I’ve been going for…

– Pitch to more print publications
I absolutely love blogging (on my own site and others), but I also really love magazines and newspapers. There’s something delicious about flipping the pages of something in print, getting your fingertips smudgy with ink, and folding down corners to find your place a little later on. So, instead of sticking to my comfortable and cozy spots online, I’m going to try and venture out to more print publications. I love the ones I’ve worked with so far, so…why not? Let’s get daring here and dip toes in other printed waters.

– Bake an effing CAKE IN A JAR.
I mean, really. It’s cake. In a jar. Why do I consistently put this off? Clearly something is wrong with me.


So…that’s that. No promises related to weight or food (well, except for baking cakes in jars). No promises so huge that they can’t be accomplished. And yeah, sure…this list still kind of sounds like some new year’s resolution, but really, it’s only because “resolution” is totally just fancy-talk for “to-do” list.

What’s on *your* to-do list (or fine…call it a resolution, or whatever else you want). I just want to know – what do you hope to accomplish in the coming days, weeks, months, and even…year?

7 thoughts on “To-Do List: 2012 Edition

  1. I am thrilled to find your blog. I too am a writer, mother, jewish, wanter of making the world a better place. I was just lamenting to my mom that while I’d like to follow and support more “mommyblogs” most aren’t up to the intellectual snuffleupagus. There is a fine laundry line between therapy and writing, the universal and the derivative, if you catch my drift. I look forward to following Mamafesto you inspire me.
    With Aloha,

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