Republican Candidates: A Race To The Bottom

Hometown (well…on weekends) Hero, Rachel Maddow hustled this past weekend to try and get some time with the Republican candidates while in New Hampshire. She specifically wanted to discuss the candidates opinions on contraception, but nobody was willing to speak with her. Maddow managed to sneak in a quick question to Rick Santorum, but his response hardly answered the question, and was cut off before he could fully answer.

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Despite the fact that birth control has been legal for over half a century, we’re now faced with almost every Republican candidate opposing birth control – something that has never been seen since the right to birth control became legal.

Towards the end of the segment, Maddow is joined by Planned Parenthood Action Fund president, Cecile Richards. The two of them discuss this phenomenon, with Richards remarking that if any of these candidates do indeed become win the presidency, there is a very good chance that our right to birth control would be taken away.

With Mitt Romney being one of the more vocal candidates about eliminating birth control, it behooves us to look at his past. As a resident of Massachusetts, it wasn’t that long ago when Romney ran for office here, looking towards Planned Parenthood for endorsement. In fact, he even filled out a Planned Parenthood questionnaire (back in 2002), in which he affirms his support for Roe vs. Wade. Way to flip-flop like a rock star, Mittens.

Statistics tell us that the majority of voters in the upcoming election will be women. The fact that Republican candidates are standing on platforms that will essentially strip women of very basic rights is frightening. This is not just about birth control and abortion. It also quickly becomes about access to affordable and quality health care, especially when candidates talk about defunding programs like Planned Parenthood.

As Richards notes, this is primary is a race to the bottom for women, with each candidate seemingly doing their best to be the worst president for women.

3 thoughts on “Republican Candidates: A Race To The Bottom

  1. I watch the Rachel Maddow show and you know I love it. But her coverage of the contraception issue was particularly fantastic. Especially because no one else seems interested in covering it?! What is that about?! No contraception at all isn’t exactly JUST a women’s issue; I don’t know any men who want to choose between no sex and risking a pregnancy every single time. And Santorum said he doesn’t believe in the right to privacy that gave married couples the right to use contraception in the first place! That terrifies me.

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