Sometimes Laughter Is The Best Medicine…

after an Aspirin, that is.

But really, sometimes you just need to laugh at the absurdity surrounding the current fight over reproductive rights. Because otherwise, it all just seems unbelievable… That we’re having House hearings on religion and birth control that don’t involve women, that states are requiring trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, that the concept of “personhood” is even being put up for a vote.

With all the progress our country has made, the last few months have felt like we’ve somehow been transported back in time, where somebody goes on national television to suggest that an aspirin between the knees is effective birth control. (Spoiler Alert: it’s not.)

While I have no shortage of outrage, frustration, and a wee bit of fear surrounding all of this, I also need to laugh at times, because then otherwise, I’d just be crying. And because sometimes it feels like this is one big SNL skit. I’m (not-so) patiently waiting for Loren Michaels to yell, “Cut!”

Watch Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler take the birth control debate on in Weekend Update. Really. 

For the more literary amongst us, Jezebel has come up with an “Abortion Law Mad Libs” – so grab a partner, break out the pens, and start thinking up some clever nouns, verbs, and adjectives!

How do *you* deal with the absurdity of it all? 

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