(Some of) The Rest of Us

In honor of women’s history month, Ms. Magazine‘s blog is running a “Future of Feminism” series – celebrating the past by looking toward the future. Every day the site will profile a different feminist organization, person, site, etc… and I’ve been enjoying the few that have already posted.

I was so excited when I heard about the series that I just had to get in on the action. I ended up writing a couple of posts for it, and one went up yesterday. “Not Your Ordinary Mother’s Blog” takes a look at the phenomenon of feminist parenting blogs. You know, blogs like this one.

When I was deciding what I wanted to write about for the series, I knew I at least had to give a shout out to my fellow mamas and papas that write within the feminist blogosphere. I knew it would only be a short piece (in keeping with the rest of the series), a virtual fist bump if you will, but it was an important one in my mind.

A few months ago I wrote about feeling left out in yet another mainstream article that discussed feminist websites/blogs. It wasn’t that *I* personally felt left out, but rather that the entire genre of feminist parents were overlooked…yet again. So when I had the chance to add to Ms.‘ series, I jumped at it.

A few things to note: The format of the series is just a small little glimps into these “Future of Feminism” folk, so I was a bit limited in how much I could dig in and explore this topic. That being said, it prompted me to express to my editor my desire to not only further explore this niche within feminist blogs, but to also explore other niche feminist sites/blogs that might not get the kudos/recognition when mainstream media looks at the feminist blogosphere.

Thankfully, the folks at Ms. totally get it – they understand that there is so much richness and general awesomeness to explore within feminist space online. And so… I’m excited to announce that I’ll soon be starting a (semi) regular series/column for Ms. blog where I’ll be profiling/interviewing various sites/blog/tumblrs/vlogs/etc… within the feminist sphere. Each post will be an in-depth look at a different site (or 2 or 3 within the same sub-genre). I will definitely be revisiting feminist parenting sites, as well as searching the ‘net for other feminist gems that should not be missed. I will undoubtedly ask (repeatedly) for your own suggestions, and you can start by leaving some today down in the comments. Share a blog and let me know where it falls within the feminist blogosphere.

In the meantime… here’s the list of feminist parenting bloggers I linked to in my Ms. post, with a little bit more about each of them (and their twitter handles!). Don’t be shy – check them out – I promise you’ll stumble across something amazing within all of them:

Birthing Beautiful Ideas: Offers a feminist perspective on pregnancy, birth, and parenting from the point of view of a woman who is a doula, PhD candidate in philosophy, and mother of three.  Her goal is to provide a space for constructive and lively dialogue on these issues (though she has been known to delve into a good dose of snarkiness every now and then). @BirthingKristen

blue milk: A blog where thinking + motherhood = feminist. @bluemilk

Femamom: Edgy tales from parenthood. @HaleyKrischer

The Feminist Breeder: Ex-Rocker turned concerned mother, pre-law student, doula, and childbirth educator. She writes about feminism, maternal and fetal health, and her three rambunctious kids. @FeministBreeder

Feminist Father: A blog about a variety of feminist issues written by a father inspired to make the world better for his daughter. @FeministFather

First The Egg: A feminist reflection on contemporary pregnancy, birth, and parenting cultures—featuring book reviews, links, and cultural criticism. It’s also deeply personal, rooted in the day-to-day experiences of a currently-pregnant scholar parenting a five-year-old. @MollyWesterman

Lesbian Dad: A personal essay/photography blog about parenthood generally, and lesbian parenthood in particular, with especial attention to the experiences of non-birth and/or butch mums and the many larger questions their unique kind of parenthood opens up. @LesbianDad

Life V 2.0: This blog delves into feminism, reproductive rights politics, and raising a son. Sometimes she talk about herself. Mostly she talks about things that make her angry. @Maehemsez

The Mamafesto: Focusing on the way feminism and motherhood intersect and the day to day narrative that accompanies raising a son who unwittingly challenges traditional gender stereotypes. @TheMamafesto

Mama Nervosa: “At Mama Nervosa, we believe in real, messy, unstaged and unstyled life. We want the blog to reflect our reality, and the reality of other mothers/families/people out there.” @MamaNervosa

Offbeat Mama: Supporting families and friends who want to move beyond dogmatic, argumentative approaches to parenting. Launched September 2009. @OffbeatMama

PhD In Parenting: A blog about parenting, feminism, social justice and the intersection between them. @phdinparenting

Raising My Boychick: Illuminating the intersections of family and feminism, parenting and privilege, motherhood and marginalization, kids and kyriarchy. @Raisingboychick

The Radical Housewife:  Dedicated to revolutionizing American family values one dirty diaper at a time. The Radical Housewife is a writer, at-home parent, and activist serving her fifth term as president of Minnesota NOW, she makes righteous indignation fun. @radicalhw

The Six Year Itch: An irreverent take on feminism, motherhood and not wearing pants. Liz Henry is a birth mother, pseudo wife and mother of a nine-year old. She, so far, has survived among the mombies. @sixyearitch

Spilt Milk: A blog about feminism, fat acceptance and body image, mental illness, motherhood – including birth and breastfeeding – and sometimes other social justice matters. @MyMilkSpilt

Standing In The Shadows: Offers a feminist slant on parenting four kids, preschool to high school–with particular attentions to politics, pop culture and the planet, along with plain old life. @standshadows

Viva LaFeminista: A blog written by a feminist activist who also happens to be a mom. Veronica Arreola explores the intersection of feminism and motherhood while discussing topics such as public education, reproductive justice and pop culture. @VeronicaEye

wood turtle: A Canadian Muslim mama and feminist trying to negotiate both faith and feminism in her community. She writes frequently about genderized Islamophobia, women’s inclusion in the mosque, her cute babies and works toward dispelling myths and stereotypes about women in Islam for both Muslims and non. @woodturtle

23 thoughts on “(Some of) The Rest of Us

  1. This is a great resource — thank you! Do you think that feminist parenting blogs are a subset of feminist blogs in general, or they are a subset of parenting blogs? I’ve thought of it recently as the latter (see my post here: goo.gl/tEs1n), but your articles challenging me to think otherwise.

  2. This is a fantastic curated list! I don’t agree with all the views on them, but that’s what reading other people’s opinions is all about, no? Yes? One of the things I particularly like is that most of these sites have writers who are secure and confident enough to allow disparate views without attacking the commenters (other than the trolls who deserve it). I usually just enjoy seeing true conversation, which I think is a dying art sometimes.

    Thank you!

    • Glad you like the list – and totally! I think engaging in debate is healthy and many of these sites do a great job of providing space for debate without getting hyper-defensive. One of my pet-peeves of feminism is the “my way or the highway” mindset, so I love finding like-minded people (not in the sense of shared ideals necessarily, but in the sense that they’re open to friendly debate/discussion when philosophies diverge). Let’s continue providing space for these kinds of (non-attacking) debate, no? Be the change you want to see and all that 😉

  3. Thank you so much for this list! I’m really looking forward to following your posts on Ms. as well. As a fairly new mom (and blogger) and long time feminist, I’ve been struggling to figure out where my politics fit in my new family life. Its always encouraging to see those who have already paved the way.

    Also, thank you for including a Latina feminist mom! I had been looking and thanks to this list came across Viva la Feminista!

    • You’re welcome – there really are some gems out there. And I know that when I was starting out as a new mom that it was definitely encouraging and helpful to see other parents making similar choices or facing similar challenges… like our own virtual village 😉

      And yes! Veronica @Viva La Feminista is absolutely wonderful and often links to other Latina feminist moms/women via twitter and her site.

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