Knock ‘Em Down

I’m not the world’s best bowler, I’ll freely admit that. I’m the kind that squints my eyes trying to gauge the best way to release the ball before letting it set sail down the lane. I’m that person that sways my body this way or that, trying to get the ball to bend to my will (with a success rate of about 30%. Clearly I need to work on my telekinesis).

Regardless of my bowling prowess (or lack thereof), I will still be strapping on a pair of previously worn, slightly stinky shoes on Sunday, April 15th, and doing my best to knock down as many pins as possible – all in the name of fighting for reproductive rights and access to abortion.

I will be participating in the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! The money that I personally raise for this event will go directly to the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts (ARFWM). This vital organization provides financial assistance to women seeking abortion who cannot afford them. ARFWM also helps “raise public awareness of the hardship and danger imposed upon women by the legal and economic restrictions on abortion.”

We’re currently living in a country where reproductive rights are being infringed upon and challenged almost daily. Mandated waiting periods and forced transvaginal ultrasounds only further burden women who can’t even afford abortions. Raising money for groups like ARFWM is one way we can stand up and let our government know how angry and frustrated we are in their choice to further wage a war not only on women, but on human rights in general.

Why am I choosing to participate?

I’m angry. I’m pissed that people at the state and national levels feel they have more rights to my body than I do. I’m furious that my son might grow up in a country that allows its government to dictate what happens to a woman’s body (and how that translates to how society views women in general).

I also feel that abortion is an issue that impacts everyone, which is why I’ve chosen to organize a family team. Members on my team range in ages, but all of them have the same goals: Make access to health care choices easy for everyone and knock down a whole lotta pins!

We’re Team Pretty in Pink (and Blue!) and we’ll be strutting our stuff on the lanes in…you guessed it: pink & blue (yes, both the guys and the gals).

How can you help?

By providing any support you can offer. You can donate from as little as $1.00. Any amount makes a difference. Please visit my team page to see how you can help. The deal: You donate money that will go towards providing access to abortion for somebody who cannot afford it, and in return, I promise to will those balls with my mind to knock down as many pins as I possibly can! 

I also promise to check back in with pictures and stories from the day once we’ve attended the event, and will let you all know how much we raised.

Thank you so much in advance for donating, joining me in this fight, and for spreading the word!

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