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A few weeks ago I got an email saying I was nominated for a “Top 25 Political Mom Bloggers” award. After deciding it wasn’t actually spam, I admit I got a little giddy. I’m none too savvy as far as these blogging awards go, and to be honest, I’m not even sure what it really all means (a pretty little .gif to attach to my site? meh. More traffic = more folks reading about gender, feminism, reproductive rights, etc? Yes please!).

And, I’m pretty sure there isn’t even an actual prize.

So why has it turned so ugly?

I’ll be honest to say that I’m more than flattered that somebody thought to nominate me for top political blogger. I also think it’s pretty rad that there are enough moms out there interested and invested in politics to even have such a category. That in and of itself speaks volumes to me, and energizes the little activist in me. Regardless of where these women stand, they’re still engaged enough to want to discuss the political climate in our country today.

But somehow, it’s become less about the actual politics and issues and more about “sticking it to the other side.” When I saw some blogs rapidly spike through the polling list, I became curious and visited some of them. Instead of just asking for votes, there were posts that demeaned and ridiculed other bloggers whose views didn’t mesh with their own. Attack the politics, sure. But the bloggers? Why stoop to that level. Over an internet poll?

I just don’t get it.

I’ll debate the issues all you want, but when you start slinging out insults like “commie mommies?” What’s the point? What happened to winning on your own platform? Why do we need to malign others to build ourselves up? Seems like a hollow victory in the end to me.

Turning this into a popularity contest just adds more weight to the whole Mommy Wars game, and frankly I don’t want to play if those are the rules. I’m not going to badmouth anyone, or try to instill fear that the end of the world is near if the other side comes out victorious (again, we’re talking about a random internet voting poll. This ain’t the Hunger Games folks).

Yet, here I am, humbly asking for you to click this link and shoot a vote my way. You don’t need to sign up for anything, and actually – you can even vote for more than one blogger at a time!

For instance, you could also vote for blue milk, Mamapundit, Momsrising, PunditMom, The Radical Housewife, Hello Ladies, Femamom, The Feminist Breeder, Viva La Feminista and any others on the main site that tickle your political fancy.

Please – share this post and encourage your friends to vote as well. You can vote once every 24 hours. If anything, think of this as practice for the real, actually important impending national election.

21 thoughts on “Political Mamas

  1. Thanks for not stooping to a nasty level…I was raised to know that there were a lot of different views and that this was a positive thing about our culture. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the sides get more polarized and people getting more and more ugly. And as there is more and more hate created, we get farther and farther away from rational and respectful discourse and the opportunities to come together and make positive changes slip away. I’ve read some of the other blogs and was taken aback at the aggression and mockery. I appreciate that you are still trying to have respectful conversation. I hope others can take a hint.

  2. Way to not name names! When you first talked to me about this, it never occurred to me that other bloggers would get personal. It’s not like you get to meeting with your congressperson or a cash prize or anything.

    What I love most is that you’re modeling respect for others’ views and still calling “BS!” on the disrespect for other human beings you see happening. Our kids will figure out what they believe; they need us to teach them how to interact with others who don’t share those views–that’s the hard part.

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  4. Beautifully said. I noticed that there was some… weird activity going on there, but hadn’t thought to check out why. Bah. Foul.

  5. Didn’t we go through all of this in high school? Wait, didn’t Reese Witherspoon actually star in a movie called “Election”? I’m voting for you because you and I share the same beliefs, not because I was bullied into it. Jeez, lighten up people!

  6. Well “Snark and Boobs” nearly got my vote simply for using the word Snark , yes I am male. However I have been reading “Blue Milk’s” blog for a while and it has entertained and educated me on topics I never new of or cared about in the past, so when she asked for a vote or two I thought it was the least I could do to repay for all that knowledge that was freely given.

  7. I’ve been checking out the blogs on the list that I’m not already aware of, and your take on the whole thing is refreshing. It’s a pleasure to vote for you, and I’m glad to’ve found you, whatever the circumstances.

    I’ve seen the pleas from the “con-mommies” and their fellow travelers, and it left me thinkin’ that it has to be a hollow victory to have folks who’ve never read word one of your blog vote for you because you’re a member of their political tribe. (But then, I never understood them folks from Free Republic–is that even still around?–who would “Freep” news site polls, to make it appear public opinion favored the rightwing point of view. Kinda seemed like a big waste of time and effort, to me.)

    (And while I’m grousing, I don’t get the intended purpose of the circle of moms folks… Is it about mommybloggers, or women who write about politics, who also happen to be mothers? The rules seem to make it open to the latter, but the site itself seems to favor the former… I hope that they come right out and say which group they’re intending to celebrate–both are worthy, for sure, but from the little I’ve read of the political mommybloggers, they bring a fresh perspective, and deserve the extra oomph to get folks to see it–before the next contest.)

    Anyway… I’m adding you to my 25, regardless of whether or not you place in the “mean girls” cliquey contest.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them!

      re: the circle of mom folks. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about them before being emailed about this contest. I checked them out, saw familiar blogs had also been nominated and thought it all seemed legit, and perhaps from their perspective it still is. After all, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to moderate a voting contest like that. I then also heard an interesting tidbit that Circle of Moms was started by two men as a money making enterprise…so then, not so surprising? Whatever drives page views? sigh.

  8. “I’ll debate the issues all you want, but when you start slinging out insults . . . . What’s the point?”

    Completely agree. I pointed out the fact that MOD and a HuffPo writer (the ones I embedded in my post) have called themselves “commie mommy,” and I opined how we conservatives might not convert these folks, but we can remind people that this point of view is not mainstream.

    Pointing out specific words that specific blogs have used is not slinging insults. It is a critique of a blogger’s stated political views, and nothing more.

    Accusing me of bullying, and saying I should get off my “bleeping high horse” sounds a lot like the insult-slinging you decry.


    PS. If you (as blog administrator) can tell that a comment does not really originate from the place the commenter claims, you should spam it. Like the impersonated comments above.

    Disagreement notwithstanding, I wish you the best. Really and for realz, whether you believe it or not. I want to beat you on the battlefield of political ideas, but I harbor no ill will.


    • Lin,

      I still stand by my words. I haven’t engaged in slinging insults or snark in anyone’s direction, and I don’t plan to. Just like you and Karen had nothing to do with the folks who posted as you on my site, I have no idea who is posting those comments on your site. (and until you linked me, I had not even seen your site. I was not accusing you at all. Clearly, you were not who I was referring to, as you’ve kept your posts about the Top Mom vote pretty respectful. Sadly, not everyone chose to do the same.)

      For my part, I’ve been called a radical liberal freak. My son has been called names as well. My five year old son. Over an internet poll that has no real prize or meaning in the grand scheme of things. If these are the types of traditional family values that many staunch conservatives spout, I’d like no part in them. Mothers (or fathers) attacking somebody else’s’ kids? I want nothing to do with that, thank you very much.

      I agree with you whole heartedly that this should be about political ideals and engaging in those debates, yet sadly, this contest took a detour from those a while ago, which is why I told Top Moms that I just could not endorse it anymore.

      • I totally fell for the that fake comment, and thought you had left it. /facepalm/ So . . . comments from both political sides are being faked. It’s almost like someone wants to pit us against each other. I’ll be having to see about pinpointing an IP address, or summat like that. Oh joy. Well, this too shall pass. And from here on out, we can’t really know where the insults are originating, can we?

        Thanks for letting me know.


  9. “small portion of this country”? I know I’m treading on thin ice just being here, but I thought the idea of the World Wide Web (WWW.*****) meant that this blog and it’s member could be any where that has power.
    Plus I’ve heard that Moscow is a thumping place to visit, 24hr clubbing, shopping to match Rodeo Drive and really friendly locals. Maybe that’s the propaganda dept. at work again.
    Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, please feel free to slap your computer while looking at this and I’ll feel it later. Smile.

  10. Ugh. How sad!

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, what with all the polarization going on in this country these days (not that it hasn’t been this way before), and I’ve certainly come into contact with especially commenters on the blogosphere who care little for discussion and discourse, more for hearing themselves talk (er, type).

    That said, I also feel the blogosphere really is a community of people working to support one another an engage in interesting and thought-provoking conversations. Well, we can’t all be awesome I suppose… 😉

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