Always More Mama Drama

So… this happened. And this.

Any excuse for Latrice...

I have lots of thoughts on all of this. Trust me, I do. But I feel like it’s the same argument over and over again. We continue to pit women against women, especially mothers. I’m sick and tired of it. Stop throwing out half-truths, assumptions, and just plain, straight up bullshit and not expect people to get upset over it. Why the need to throw shade on folks when you don’t agree with their choices (that are not affecting you in any way whatsoever)?

Thankfully, instead of sitting down to write my own tirade about all of this, some fabulous folks have shared their thoughts, and since they mostly mimic mine, I’m now sharing them with you.

Gina over at The Feminist Breeder talks about how Judging Moms May Be Good for Your Traffic, But It’s Bad For Your Feminism.

An older post from Annie at PhD in Parenting looks at the issue of judging parents in general.

Andie from blue milk was spurred to repost this gem on the long simmering debate over motherhood within feminism.

eta: Simply Bike Blog detaches blame from Attachment Parenting.

Your thoughts? Links to others? Leave them below!

3 thoughts on “Always More Mama Drama

  1. I found the “detaching blame” blog really interesting. I’m not a parent, as you know, but I have had horrid experiences babysitting for children who are being raised by “attachment” parents. If the parents of the kids I’ve taken care of followed the philosophy she described, I can’t help but think their children would be easier to care for, not more challenging. So, I wonder, where do people find the “philosophy” behind their parenting style and how do we ascribe broad terms to things that are obviously so personally specific and vary greatly from family to family?

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