Oh Sweet Mama…

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

While little kids everywhere are hard at work on handmade cards, macaroni necklaces, and sponge-painted ceramics, I’m going to take a moment to share an alternative idea for this year’s Mother’s Day.

You’ve read my ranting over contrived “debates” surrounding motherhood, and my wish that the media focused more on issues and policies that really matter and need addressing. So this coming Mother’s Day, I’d like to focus on an organization that not only talks the talk, but actually does something about it.

MotherWoman is a non profit that is dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers in hopes of creating “positive personal and social change for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.”

The premise of the organization is pretty simple, yet the results are absolutely overwhelming. Think of them as one of the first stages of a butterfly effect.

They offer training for health care providers and community members who are in direct contact with mothers. They teach them about various postpartum challenges (including postpartum depression), how to be advocates, supporters, and helpers, and they teach them how to talk to women in a way that removes the stigma that has been attached to PPD.

They provide facilitated support groups for new mothers – safe, supportive spaces for women who have been thrust into the various challenges of motherhood, offering them a place to vent, commiserate, be championed, and most importantly, realize that they are not alone.

They offer facilitator training, so that anyone can learn important skills that will support and empower mothers within their own community.

They also work hard to raise awareness about social and economic issues that face mothers. They take the lessons they learn by interacting with the community and attempt to change policy in hopes of advocating and supporting mothers on a larger, more wide-spread level.

Their philosophy is simple, but so incredibly crucial:

  • Mothers are powerful. Together we can change the world.
  • When mothers are valued and supported, we are more successful in all areas of our lives, benefiting our children, families and communities.
  • Creating communities of genuine respect and non-judgment for all mothers increases our collective power.
  • Laws and policies that support families benefit everyone.
While they began as a local organization, they quickly realized the necessity of similar programs elsewhere. And so, MotherWoman and its mission is spreading, but it needs your help. This Mother’s Day, instead of cards or flowers  (or in addition to!), why not donate to MotherWoman’s Mom’s Are Worth A Million campaign?
Their goal is to reach $10,000. Every single dollar raised will go toward scholarships for women across the country who want to take MotherWoman’s 3-day training. (This year, MotherWoman will be offering training in MA, NJ, WA & Guatemala!). Each woman that participates in the facilitator training is given the skills to go back and not only offer support, but also help empower mothers in their communities.
So…instead of reading another debate that only furthers the “Mommy Wars” or an article that sanitizes or exploits the concept of motherhood, why not do something that will have an actual effect on the lives of mothers everywhere? Check out the Moms Are Worth a Million campaign and truly honor mothers this Mother’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Mama…

  1. This is so amazing! How I wish there were something like it here in Minnesota, land of turtle-burning cheerleader-crazy antifeminist cuckoos. I will happily contribute.

    • Awesome! The overall goal would be to extend the reach of this program all across the country and beyond. One step (and mama!) at a time. I know MW appreciates your contribution, Shannon!!

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