Matching mama/kiddo Pride tattoos

Every year in May, our town has Pride. This was the first year that EZ asked me what exactly Pride is. To him, it’s meant the “rainbow parade” and fun with his friends. I started by explaining how some people, in some places, aren’t allowed to marry or be with who they love, specifically if it’s two men or two women. His 5 year old brain tried so hard to grasp that concept. How could anyone not let somebody love who they wanted to love? It’s especially frustrating for him since many of his friends come from two mom households…de rigueur in our happy valley.

I then came at it from a different angle, and explained to him what pride is: Being proud of who you are, no matter what. This year, like every other, we saw pride embodied in floats, posters, balloons, music, and people. The love and pride was shining as bright as the sun this past weekend as people took to the streets to march. I was so pleased to see so many local (and some national) businesses and organizations out there as allies. Below is a little peek into our Pride.

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That’s how we show our pride… how about you? What do you to show yours?


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