This Is What A Feminist Looks Like: Margaret

Name: Margaret Jacobsen
Age: 24
Occupation: Stay at home mom/photographer
Location: Portland, OR! Aka the greatest place on earth!


How do you define feminism?
To me feminism is more than just “women deserve the same rights as men!”. It blankets more than just women, it covers anyone that finds themselves to be a minority be it because of their race, sexual orientation or sex. Feminism to me is about making it possible for EVERYONE to be celebrated as they are, recognized and given the same opportunities as anyone else. Feminism creates a voice for those who are without one. I think this is important. It helps those find their voice when they couldn’t.

When did you first identify as a feminist?
Once I had my daughter, and was pregnant with my son. I realized that my ideals and feelings about things had changed. I noticed myself seeing things in a different light. Everyone was NOT treated equally, and there were definitely those who were favored. I think I was blind to this before, growing up. But once I had my own children and really began to understand what it meant for me to live as a black woman, raising two children who were both black and white, I began to adjust my attitude. Adjust my thought process and really dived into learning about racism and sexism. I think I always believed those stigmas that were attached to the words “racism” and “feminist”. Both seem to hold negative meanings, when really, I learned, it all was rooted in ignorance and lack of knowledge. Something I was living proof of. I glossed over racism and for fear of being called a “feminist” I also glossed over the fact that I’m a strong woman, very capable of anything I set my mind to. Having my own daughter really helped me take a step back and realize that I want to raise her as a feminist. Same with my son. Despite what people associate that word with. I want to raise my children being proud of who they are, both their sex and their color. I want to raise them to have hearts that are tender towards other people who are different than them, and seeing them all as equal and human.

Has your (definition of) feminism changed over time? How?
Its definitely changed with time. When I first opened myself to the idea, I would say I became a bit of an extremist. I believed that I needed to share my new found ideals with everyone, and I will admit, at times I was a bit judgy and disapproving of those who didn’t agree. Now adays, I have a more balanced approach and I’m a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. I’ve learned that there is a time and place for everything! Especially feminism

Have you ever experienced resistance to identifying as a feminist? If so, why do you think that is and how do you handle it?
Not too much resistance. Mostly people just arguing why feminism isn’t practical or why it doesn’t make sense. I’m always up for a good debate so I don’t mind. But I do get asked if I hate men. And how my husband feels about that, haha!

What do you see as the future of feminism?
I see feminism growing. Even more so than it is now. I think there is a whole new generation that is embracing the idea of feminism and what is has to offer! I love that its not only girls that identify themselves as feminist, but boys as well. I’m excited to see the movement continue to grow, and to watch my children run with it!

Margaret believes her life is enchanted! She’s the wife of a viking, with two little vikings. She moonlights as a photographer, aspiring to become a yogi. She is showered with blessings, makes her own luck and believes in magic. Margaret really just loves living! 
If you would like to participate in this series, please contact me for more details

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