Survey: Maternity/Paternity Leave & Birth Options

Jenna Nichols, who was profiled here for TIWAFLL, is embarking on some crucial research. Please take a moment to read her letter below and take her survey. Your input will not only inform Jenna’s research, but will hopefully lead to more discussion about policy surrounding maternity & paternity leave, and perhaps, one day – policy reform!

Hi Friends,

I am working on a paper about how workplace maternity/paternity leave practices dictate birth choices and result in adverse affects for mama, baby and breastfeeding. I have put together a little survey to collect some data. It would be amazing if you could fill it out and pass it on to anyone who know who may have experienced any issues regarding this topic.
I am currently a BA/MA student of Anthropology/Public Anthropology at American University and I hope that from this paper/research that I am able to put together a presentation for upcoming conferences and panels regarding birth rights, workers rights and human rights. Additionally, I hope that by beginning this research we can engage in conversations about how to build strong community alliances between workers rights movements, labor unions, birth workers and families about how to protect the rights of pregnant women in the workplace.
Please feel free to share to as many as possible.
Jenna Nichols

One thought on “Survey: Maternity/Paternity Leave & Birth Options

  1. I am glad to see this work being done. I think we should also financially prep young girls to prepare to be moms one day. So many young women frivolously spend money without regard for wanting to stay home with kids one day. We should promote forward-looking maternity at an individual level as well. It would probably help augment family leave policy.

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