What Will You Do?

Picture via What Would You Do Campaign

A recent survey has found that nearly half of American women ages 18-49 have had at least one unplanned/accidental pregnancy. In response to these findings, a new program called the What Will You Do? Campaign  has launched to improve education among women about reproductive health planning. A couple weeks ago, I was invited to interview Dr. Rebecca Brightman from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC and Linda Dominguez, a nurse practitioner in Albuquerque, N.M. to learn more about the What Will You Do? Campaign.

Due to multiple factors (mostly a super hectic week and a hefty dose of procrastination) I slacked on preparing any questions for the two women. Thankfully, others didn’t, and I was recently sent a video of their interview, which I’d like to share with you all. The video discusses everything from the results of the survey like the rate unplanned pregnancy in the US, to what women can do to learn more about their contraceptive options.

You can watch the video here.

*Full Disclosure: I will note that the survey, the video, and the What Will You Do? Campaign are all sponsored by Teva Women’s Health, which produces a wide range of reproductive health products (including Seasonique, ParaGard IUD, Plan B,  and more). While there is certainly a financial stake for Teva in researching reproductive health, education and access, I still feel there is merit to this information, but it never hurts to be fully aware of where it’s coming from!

6 thoughts on “What Will You Do?

  1. Hi Mamafesto. This seems like a great project. It is too bad it’s associated with a specific commercial product marketer and not some university or research lab or crowdsourced collective.

    I do love those Dove spots even though they’re from a commercial entity. Yet the Teva connection feels just a little bit awkward to me. Not bad. Not terrible. Just a little piece of grit enough that if I start cheerleading about it I worry about being a corporate schill.

    Maybe I shouldn’t worry. At worst I’d be a cheerleading shill for a women’s health company… that’s gotta be better than for a cheeseburger company! 😛

    Anyway, meanwhile, my friend Yordi and I have just been haveing an unexpected conversation about “What you were wearing the day you got pregnant”… and it seems like we’re going to make a virtual performance artwork out of it.

    (by “virtual performance artwork” I mean that our avatars, in a virtual space, like Second Life, would dress as noted, and stand for an interval of time in a tableaux vivant)

    I think the piece could have a diversely compelling resonance all on its own, but it might add something to associate it with a project like What Will You Do. Obviously the statistics they quote are amazing, if not shocking and disturbing. And, Ironically enough, Yordi and I are part of those stats.

    Meanwhile… I just read your When Boys Wear Pink post, and your BitchMedia “Pink Scare”… it’s funny to realize that at such a late, and in many ways diverse, date, those old codes are still so powerful. But, fair to say, they are.

    So, hahaha, perhaps another performance work for us, “Pink & Blue”… another tableaux vivant, where all the guys who wish to participate wear pink, and all the girls wear blue. Pretty simple. But I think an interesting conceptual piece. And very likely, an interesting visual piece as well.

    Thank you for all the lovely thoughts, ideas, inspirations.

    — Vaneeesa

    • Yeah, it would have been great if connected with a University or independent research facility. However, the info gathered is still useful, just taken with a grain of salt as to where it’s coming from, eyes wide open and all.

      I just checked out your site (and linked to it on my FB!) and dig your pink & blue pix!

      • Aww, thank you. The Pink & Blue piece is all thanks to your posts. We haven’t put it on the calendar yet, but I’m planning to do that piece later this summer. If you feel like piloting an avatar for an hour or so you could even join us, and in any case, I’ll keep you posted on pix and documentation of the piece.

        You’ve done so much wonderful work – very impressive – bravo! 🙂

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