This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 2

Our discussion of Season 5, episode 2 is now up on blue milk’s blog! Remember that our chats contain spoilers for all episodes of True Blood aired to date, things that have happened in the book series, as well as our speculations on future episodes.

But seriously…this time we actually got into some thoughtful discussion (sort of. kind of. maybe.). While I was watching, I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable while watching the Authority chanting during their ritual – and not the good kind of uncomfortable you get while watching Eric. As you’ll see in our chat, when I brought it up, I noted that they were chanting in some hybrid bastardized form of Hebrew/Aramaic, and combined with the Vampire lore/bible it gave me pause. A friend passed along a link to this article from Tablet Mag that goes into depth about what caused me to feel uneasy about that scene. I may not feel as strongly as the author of that post, but it’s definitely some food for thought (that we briefly touch on in our own discussion). Would love to hear thoughts on that part and any part of this week’s episode!

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