This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 5

Episode 5: Let’s Boot and Rally. As always – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Avital: So… awkward menage a trois right from the start, ha! (Sookie pukes on Alcide, & Bill & Eric show up).

blue milk: And how’s that going for you not objectifying Alcide and seeing him for a good actor?

Avital: haha. I managed to see him as both a sex symbol and and actor this episode, thank you very much.

blue: You’re so strong.

Avital: I do what I can. I have to say, I liked the self-aware horror movie parts this episode.

blue: Hmm, like Saw? With the victims in-waiting?

Avital: Just the whole build up to finding Russell. Especially when Sookie blatantly spelled it out saying that you never split up when faced with a spooky hospital. Rule #1 of horror movies.

blue: Sookie’s character has made a permanent shift to someone who rescues herself, it appears? She’s quite the crime-fighter now and the chief fairy-light warrior against Russell. Thank goodness. It is refreshing when the vampires need her instead of the other way around.

Avital: Yes, but clearly with the aid of peach Schnapps

blue: Shudder.

Avital: So what did you think? Re: finally finding Russell? Who do you think is the woman that unearthed him? Salome is my guess…

blue: They’re certainly indicating Salome. Russell is a great villain. I feel like True Blood used to be scarier and now it is probably more into ‘camp horror’. Like Sookie and the men being very Scooby Doo in this episode. It works for some audiences but it is not my favourite way of doing it. I have felt for a while that True Blood has chosen humour over scary and I preferred their first season when the vampires weren’t so loveable and you felt a little chill about being outside at night alone.

Avital: Ha! I love picturing them as the Scooby gang. But yeah, they’ve pretty much played all their hands as far as introducing all the new and different types of characters (i.e. vamps, shifters, weres, fairies, etc…) so they can’t trade on that element of surprise. There are definitely still campy aspects to this show (um, hello. Reverend Steve).

blue: And I enjoy generally how campy the show is, but the bit where we were finally finding Russell just reminded me that it has been a while since this show played it scary at all.

Avital: I definitely felt a bit anxious there, because you knew it wasn’t going to be pretty
whatever they found. What did you think of the Tara/Jessica arc this episode?

blue: The “It’s get better” scene?

Avital: they bonded! and then…

blue: Yes, I thought it was nice. TB doesn’t really do female friendships much justice – Sookie and Tara have a serious female friendship but they’re not a very functional friendship. So, this was sweet. Poor Hoyt, such desperation, and his ‘nightclubbing costume’ which is so funny I am entranced whenever he comes on screen.

Avital: omg. It wouldn’t have even been cute in the ’80s. Poor guy with his copious guyliner.

blue: Really like that they are showing Tara as sexy again, she has not been used to full potential in the show.

Avital: yes! But I was a little disappointed she went for Hoyt. She knew it wasn’t the right decision. How much can we blame on her “newborn” status?

blue: Really? Nah. I must be pretty immoral, I thought he’s offering his neck like that and you’re a hungry curious vampire.

Avital: Yeah, but Tara knew that Jessica was still into Hoyt and that Hoyt was clearly not all in a good headspace

blue: Jessica, who is now fuck buddies with Hoyt’s best friend probably can’t really make a great case for the rules of who can date your exes.

Avital: no, of course not… oh what a tangled web we weave

blue: Such soapy writing isn’t it?

Avital: oh, for sure. I mean, look at Jason and his 180 now against supes, in a You Killed My Parents! I Will Avenge Thee!” at the grave and all.

blue: That writing seems a little uneven to me. Right when Andy is finding tolerance, too when he is in love with a witch and having had a one nighter with a fairy in the recent past.

Avital: They need to keep up conflict I guess. 

blue: I get annoyed when the character development is so uneven but I otherwise like how they’re bringing Jason along. Pam has the potential to play a really funny Mommy Dearest doesn’t she with Tara?

Avital: Yes! And she’s starting to begrudgingly care just a wee bit

*at this point we got side tracked with a discussion on the whole Tosh/Rape “joke” controversy & how my Twitter feed/replies was filled with utter mindblowing stuff*

Avital: I always love the one-liners and some always stick with me. One from this past episode was when Andy said, “I fucked a fairy?!” Just the way he said, cracked me up.

blue: Couple of thoughts – the Terry storyline isn’t working for me.. maybe not everyone should have a supernatural storyline at once.. maybe some characters can be there as the regular people trying to deal with the other characters having their supernatural experiences.. you know? Also, how cute was that scene with Arlene’s hand as modesty patch for Andy? And, it was naked men night.. a little.

Avital: I definitely chuckled at that scene

blue: And yet Eric manages to upstage the naked men by saying “clearly” so deliciously when Sookie says she was worried about their unexpected absence.

Avital: mmhmm

blue: Also, the Arabic curse.. a trope, again, on TB.

Avital: Oh, yes – I had noted that. Way to fall back on the exoticized other trope.

blue: Final thoughts: Roman, wake up and see that your Authority is riddled with rats in the ranks.

Avital: Yes. Does he not see it or is he too wrapped up in his own vision of the perfect Authority? Because, as a casual viewer, it’s pretty darn evident how there are traitors left and right…

blue: Like all good autocrats, he has his blind spots.

Avital: Right, and I guess it wouldn’t be all that fun if they didn’t drag it out somewhat…

blue: Well, it has taken us a while to finally see The Authority and it is fun to see how it might be crumbling over time. Also, I guess autocracies can kind of survive in those barely functional states for years because they hold order where there would be none. I still think True Blood could do the power structures in the show with a little more complexity.

Avital: I have a feeling we’ll be getting a huge battle of the supes scenes at some point this season the fairies and vamps and weres and shifters… something’s got to give

blue: Yes, totally agreed. Lot of time being spent building up their presence and also the idea that although weres integrate better with humans that there is still a phobia about them.

5 thoughts on “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 5

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  2. Agree with almost everything here – am finding the Terry storyline painfully annoying (and tropic) but I thought this was the best episode since ep 1. And my only hope with the Jason and they-killed-my-parents is that perhaps it might reintroduce some genuine horror/fear into the show.

  3. I keep hoping that The Authority scenes will matter to me, but every time Roman is “angry” he flexes his muscles under his suit and clenches his jaw in exactly the same way. I feel like I’ve seen the same scene 20 times. Salome is totally fascinating, but I’m waiting to see why she lets him be in charge, because clearly she knows a lot more about what’s going on and what should be done.

    Also, totally agree with Melissa that the vampires-killed-the-parents revelation was the only *gasp* moment I’ve had in awhile. It was pretty chilling!

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