This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 8

Sorry to get this up so late this week, but consider this your refresher for what happened last week before the new episode tonight! Also, as a side note, I love this episode’s  title. It comes from a current ear worm of mine. Feel free to listen to it as you read our recap!

blue milk: This episode – I felt like it was giving me so much… oral sex scene for women.. and quite prolonged as a scene.. Bill directed, right? Future career… but then baby eating..? Argh.

(ed. note: While I would LOVE to include this .gif, I’m trying to maintain some sense of decorum. So, please – feel free to click on through to this very NSFW visual of what we’re talking about)

Avital: Oh, did he direct? I didn’t know that. Hm…

blue: For the sake of the take-home message I would have liked it if Alcide’s lady-V-eating had meant he could beat JD and his V-eating in a fight.

Avital: HA! Pussy power trumps drugs! If only Nancy Regan had known and worked that into her “Just say no” campaign… But I have to say, the insanely hot sequence with Alcide & his lady is one reason I dig this show (btw, how nauseatingly sweet was that bit when they officially declared girlfriend/boyfriend status). The sex scenes are not just all about the men’s gratification and focusing on that

blue: Totally agree. Game of Thrones, note to yourself. And surely that must make the show more fun, at least for couples. Shame they killed off Jesus though. He may be able to come back for chit chat but hook-ups are going to be difficult.

Avital: Oh, that car ride with Lafayette was sad.

blue: Yes. Wasn’t it, why did TB kill Jesus off? Did like seeing V in the first aid kit.. surely this should be a staple in their hospitals but you never really see it happening?

Avital: Right? I mean, if hospitals can use forms of opiates/heroin as needed, why not V?

blue: TV show logic.

Avital: Apparently. I always joke with the manpanion (who is a pharmacist) that he needs to get some cushy Hollywood consulting job. This especially comes up when we watched House (and he noted a bunch of pharmaceutical errors). I am sure he could consult on TB as well, ha!

blue: Haha. Tough day at work honey?

Avital: Right? Oh, so yeah…I noted this with exclamation points – Russell & Rev Steve!! Comedy genius.

blue: They’re wonderful together.. but are they sexy to gay men? If they only had one straight couple and they were comedy value while all the gay and lesbian couples were hot together I’d feel ripped off.

Avital: aw, that’s true. But we have Tara, and hopefully we’ll see her explore her vamp sexiness more and Lafayette is hot, and I dunno? sex w/Jesus a la Ghost?

blue: So, someone slipped Eric the mickey.. he got a dud trip with his Lillith blood. And now he’s a kill-joy for everyone else. But obviously going to be a perfect match for our heroine, Sookie by the end of the series.

Avital: What are you thoughts on Bill re:the whole Lillith thing? I feel like he went with it a little too easily and can’t figure out if he’s trying to somehow be all underhanded/subterfuge or if he’s legit going along for the blood lusting ride.

blue: Yes, I’m stuck. He converted fast.. and he has always been the chivalrous type so this is out of character.. although obviously he was pretty wicked when he first got into being a vampire for ooh.. a couple of decades. My natural instinct is to suspect he’s got a cunning plan going. But then it would make for some interesting writing if he became evil once and for all..
and kind of clear up that love triangle hanging around.

Avital: Yeah, but I have a sneaking suspicion that as soon as he sees Sookeh again he’ll be all “oh, my love. how could i have done this?” I love how Eric is the one with his head on his shoulders here. Must have to do with being a thousand years old or so? 😉

blue: What about the flashback for Bill? I hate most of the TB flashbacks.

Avital: Same. except for the Pam ones. Also, I appreciate how Bill has the same shitty hair in every decade.

blue: Oh Bill. You need a little something to sexy up your character.. and it’s not that.

Avital: Right? sadly. So, I think we need to talk about this Sam/Luna-Same thing

blue: Sam is a great actor is what that shows. And how cute was it when they looked like they might make out together but he kissed himself on the forehead instead?

Avital: Oh, he’s definitely a great actor – but that whole part is totally camp maybe a bit too corny for me?

blue: That’s a fair criticism.

Avital: And Luna wanting to act all vigilante and shifting into Sam and *that* whole business. It was like the episode couldn’t decide what it wanted to be – super camp, super porn, super shocking, etc…

blue: You’re right, the show is really a bit of everything now.. it was much tighter in the beginning but I guess that happens. Fortunately I like most of those genres you listed.

Avital: Oh, I like them too, but when they bounce back and forth like that all in one episode…

blue: How about Hoyt and Jessica..? Had a little bit of a creepy gang rape set-up feel to it in the beginning hey?

Avital: Yeah, a bit. And kind of dumb that they left Hoyt alone with her. I mean, what did they think would happen?

blue: I know! Oh god, no tension in that scene.

Avital: So who do we think killed Sookie’s parents? A vamp we know (who apparently goes by the name of “Wallo?) or somebody new?

blue: Warlow?

Avital: Was that it?

blue: I don’t know. I think a new character.. in all honesty, because Claudine (?) knew him and she wouldn’t have known any of the vamps right? Or otherwise Bill. He’s been tracking Sookie’s family for so long. But yuck.. hanging around when she was a child and then hooking up with her as an adult.

Avital: At first I thought they were saying “Waldo” and thought to myself that Waldo isn’t the most threatening name for a vamp

blue: Haha.

Avital: But, I guess the show needs one more plot line/mystery… 😉

blue: Guys, workshop that Waldo name at the next writers’ meeting.

Avital: right? Again, I offer up my skills as a consultant

blue: Hahah.

Avital: I’m selfless like that. I could just hang on set, point out inconsistencies, offer up suggestions, you know…

blue: Practice lines with Eric.

Avital: Exxxactly. “Lines”

blue: Haha.

Avital: So, a lot of different plot lines moving forward this episode. Final thoughts? 

blue: Um ok.. the fairies? I don’t like their hippy dippy get up. I know it’s not all about me.. but yick. Um.. we should mention the Tara scene because that was hard work to get through? I think TB is trying to hit the mark with the lesson in racism but they missed. It’s confusing with Pam. Is she nice or is she a shit.. ? Calling Tara uppity, even just to set up the audience and Tara for the surprise in the basement was not fun. Also.. the master-slave thing as pseudo S&M right after the racism directed at Tara by that person? Felt uncomfortable. Especially when ultimately Tara is a slave to Pam.

And.. much love to Lafayette and his lines about smoking a blunt and charging them for the seance. Keep this Lafayette please, TB. Also.. I love that TB is bringing back the human victims everywhere.. I’ve said it before, think we should feel compromised liking these supes.

Avital: Yes to all of that. The Tara/Pam scenes in general make me uncomfortable. Whether as a direct result of the show’s intention or b/c they seem to just miss the mark – as you said – of what they intend. That whole scene was painful to watch. And please! much more of that Lafayette.

blue: It’s hard for Tara because she should be incredibly powerful and fierce now, she’s immortal and she can eat you.. but instead she’s twirling on a pole and serving drinks to people who are looking down on her – her mother and her racist school ‘friend’.

Avital: And what sort of retribution/revenge is it really when she’s glamoured to comply?

blue: Yes exactly. Final thoughts?

Avital: Hm… I’m anxious to see what happens in the Lillith blood-lust aftermath. What exactly is Eric going to do. Also, how will the faeries play into all of this. Clearly we’re ramping off to a vamp/human war where the faeries will inevitably have to take sides.

blue: Hmm.

Avital: I also just want more Lafayette, can’t really seem moved to care too much about Terry’s situation (oh, Scott Foley – what a shitty character you have to play). And just want Tara to catch a real break for once.

blue: Yes, the Terry situation – surely the bad guy will want to kill Terry to remove the curse and in self defence Terry will get to kill him instead? Curse lifted.

Avital: That would be ideal, because i really like Terry.
(plus, as far as actors go…much more love for Gilmore Girls – where Terry is from – than Felicity – where Patrick is from)

blue: Didn’t watch either show.. no real sex, goes without saying. Hah.

Avital: ha!

blue: My final thoughts are time to get these vamps back in the same scene as Sookie. (Also how sweet were Sookie and Jason together?)

Avital: Yes! I want to see how New Bill acts when confronted with Sooookeh. (and Jason/Sookie are very sweet)

blue: Plus.. Eric is a very sexy crier, right? We have seen it a couple of times.. and when Godric died that was the sexiest crying.

Avital: Eric is just sexy. Full stop.

blue: I should mention I was referring to him crying about his sister’s cult worshipping when I brought this up about this episode.

Avital: Yeah, I just can’t understand the whole Lillith cult worship, then again, i don’t understand much of fanatical zealots
(see: current Chick-fil-A absurdity here in US)

Now, quick! Leave us your thoughts before episode 9 airs! 

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  2. Warlow just makes me think of Anthony who is a renowned Australian musical theatre performer. I can imagine that some people would find a show tune singing vampire extra scary. Another meaningless comment: Tara is looking so unbelievably beautiful these days. Pam is a genius stylist.

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