This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 10

Two more episodes to go, and things are finally getting interesting. We’re still completely guessing at to what side Bill is on, but have a feeling about Eric. What about you?

Mamafesto: Oh! So I finally figured out where I knew the techie girl, and then she had to go and get herself staked. She’s Deb from Napoleon Dynamite!

blue milk: Ok, this episode? I loved it. Who’s writing this one? This was great writing,

Mamafesto: Not sure…I wonder if it was a Bill-directed one? (Just looked. It was not) There was a line that killed me this episode. Dead. Mrs. Fortenberry was rambling on about having Hoyt back and living with mama, and she’s telling him all about the new things she bought him, including a new bed/mattress. She goes, “I got you new sheets – California king sheets – I don’t approve of that state.”
It was just such a perfect line because it sums her up so well.

blue: Yep. Exactly.
Right from the opening I liked this scene – I was like, more of this. By the way, if a vampire is attacking you in your house can’t you just banish them? Scattering of thoughts: I liked the new Sheriff’s line about Blockbuster, too. And I appreciated Pam’s cowgirl outfit.

Mamafesto: Oh, good call. I think I preferred death by chopstick (The coroner never sat right with me for some reason. No tears shed over his final death). There was some pretty fabulous fashion in this episode. Tara & Pam’s complimentary black and white leather studded outfits? rawr. (Not that I’d ever wear it myself, ha!)

blue: Yes and yes. The chopstick was real ingenuity, true.

Mamafesto: Because where would the fun have been in Sookie just banishing him?
The chopstick was brilliant and a little Buffy-esque (Not that Sookie is anywhere near Buffy status. Ever.)

blue: The scene with Hoyt and his mother was very sad. I always feel very sad for these mothers who over-invest in their kids, because there is so much pressure on mothers to actually do this in the early days, and then they get completely hated for it by their adult children. And they’re so easily ridiculed in the depictions of them. Anyway, Hoyt is breaking my heart.

Mamafesto: I cried real tears. Not like “Wow, that was sad. Hyperbole. Hyperbole.” But like, wetness escaping my eyes and burning nose sensation. All three actors – well done.

blue: This episode was written with real emotion, it was great.. I forgot TB was capable of it.

Mamafesto: And even after all was said and done and Jason stops Hoyt as he’s leaving… gah! Oh, Bubba.

blue: Loved the philosophical questions this raised about whether you would erase bad memories and heartache, particularly, if you could.. and also, is it possible to get kind of ‘stuck’ in heartbreak and not be able to move past it even when you are ready to?
Yes, interesting to see that TB is making Hoyt the Bubba character, vaguely.
Do you think he’s really leaving the show?

Mamafesto: A little Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind going on there, I noted.

blue: Yes! And agree, all three actors were just so lovely in those scenes.

Mamafetso: I don’t want Hoyt to leave – only because I think he was so good for Jason, and Jessica… to a point – but yeah, I think he’s gone. Somebody posted one of those trite cutesy quotes in my FB feed the other day that reminded me of that scene
It went something like “Trying to forget somebody you love is like trying to remember somebody you never met.” And while I usually roll my eyes as such things (especially when they’re accompanied by a picture of a field of daisies or kittens or whatever) that one made me think of Hoyt.

blue: Hmm even when the writing was bad this season the writing for Hoyt was good. Whoever was in charge of writing for his character nailed it, as we’ve noted previously. And as an actor, he has been completely perfect as that broken hearted person, who, like their mother, has over-invested in a relationship…
Jason and Sookie were gorgeous together, too. And you know, the general atmosphere where everyone is suspicious and fearful of vampires again? This is Season 1 all over and I prefer it. I know the story has to progress.. but like I’ve been saying, vampires need to be scarier, the humans need to be under more threat.
Also, no werewolves.. sorta worked better without them, huh? Tighter stories. Sorry Alcide.

Mamafesto: ha. Yeah. I mean, obviously I’m all for more (shirtless) Alcide, but the were plotline is meh to me this season. Although I kind of enjoyed the whole Luna & Sam turning into mice and being all rescue rangers getting Luna’s daughter back. And speaking of, Rev Steve’s interaction with human Emma was all sorts of awkwardly hilarious

blue: Yep, even Luna and Sam are working better in this episode. I love Rev Steve and how wonderful he is at getting behind whichever cause he is with… loved his spontaneous delight at finally seeing a vampire get staked, too. It was a clever touch for his character.

Mamafesto: Right? ha!

blue: The thing I am really enjoying about The Authority as it progresses through this season is one) the way they are poking fun at fundamentalist religion..

Mamafesto: …and the withering sideeye he got from Salome because of that

blue: Yes!.. and two) the way The Authority is becoming made up with believers and pretenders.
Figuring out where Bill and Eric sit on that is fun, too. I am still leaning towards them both as pretenders.. but it is getting tough to still go with my theory that Bill is ultimately playing at this. He obviously brought Jessica in for a reason.. to protect her so that makes me think he is plotting something bad. I assume she will be pretty efficient at dealing with wacky religious zealot fathers given her pre-vampire family.

Mamafesto: Definitely feel that Eric is playing the Authority. Still no clue what Bill is up to.
Oh…speaking of fundamentalism…The bit where the new sheriff (who they had play up as a bit of a dandy, no?) decreeing that they have to amp up vamp production in the area, and Pam replies ““We procreate because we want to. Not because some dickhead dipped in afterbirth told us we had to.””

blue: Yes!

Mamafesto: There’s a lot in that sentence that’s less about making vamps and to me rang oh-so-true about current state of reproductive rights in the states.

blue: Totally. And I loved that TB is showing you a bit more of how the vampire power structures work now – of course there would be quotas on numbers of vampires for areas and such.
Liked your observation and totally agree.
How bout Tara staking the new Sheriff? So good but such bad decision making. That’s not how it works in vampire heirarchy.

Mamafesto: Yes! But, oh – Ginger. All she does is scream. Poor thing.

blue: Such a good screamer though.

Mamafesto: I mean, she makes for good comic relief, but she’s pretty limited as a character. And all the screaming? Where does she think she works?

blue: Well cast. Haha.

Mamafesto: But, can we mention Tara’s bit about not knowing “nothing ’bout birthin’ vampire babies.” I feel like sometimes the show tries too hard with the ironic racism and misses, and it’s awkward.

blue: Hmm?

Mamafesto: There’s a bit in Gone With The Wind, where the black maid goes “I don’t know nothing about birthing babies.” And Tara’s line was a riff on that.

blue: Ah ok. Thanks, I missed that.

Mamafesto: And Tara says it in the “sassy black woman” tone.

blue: This is where American cultural knowledge helps. Thanks. Very interesting.

Mamafesto: Yeah. Glad I could point out that uncomfortable bit then? lol
Oh, we talked a bit before about how Eric’s probably got a larger plan, and I’m still sure of that, but… how he kneeled in front of Russell and kissed his hand? Much prostrating for the incredibly proud Eric. And speaking of Russell – how fabulous was it when he flipped out and his voice betrayed a range of accents which was funny

blue: Yes. Love Russell, the big thinker. Why are we being all religious zealots and not having fun when we could be running amok, we’re boss of the world? Good question, Russell. You’re the visionary in the political party. And yes, what was the accent thing.. some of his ancient persona coming through?

Mamafesto: I have no idea, but it was wonderful to watch. The angrier he got, the more colorful the accent.

blue: I think Eric is definitely playing.. and I think he risked tipping Russell off when he went back to their old feud about his family in order to try and prove how on board he was.
Russell was wonderful.. the way he got impatient and exasperated, finally, with the charade of being religious. Such fun.

Mamafesto: Yes, Russell isn’t an idiot. He knows Eric wouldn’t buy into the religious Lillith stuff (just like he – Russell – wouldn’t). They’re too alike in some ways.

blue: Yes, I think you put that well. Exactly. Be careful playing true believer too much to another pretender. (But, quick word on child abduction storyline.. I still can’t deal with it).

Mamafesto: And I’m glad he did, because otherwise his going along with the whole “Praise Lillith” thing would have been disingenuous with his character.

blue: Bill looked likehe was genuinely searching for clues from that episode with Eric and his sister tripping? Like, really trying to solve for himself whether there was a Lillith god or not… which makes me think he has really turned believer, though, a believer with doubts is what I am thinking now. They’re the most dangerous kinds of hard-core believers. Bad times ahead for everyone else around him.

Mamafesto: Yeah. And he did exchange a look with Eric when Russell mentioned sun-walking and faerie blood…

blue: Yes. The faeries have THE WORST costumes. All sex appeal dissolves.

Mamafesto: haha Your disdain for that knows no bounds. Also, the ending of the episode? meh. Oooooh. Somebody is after Sookie!? Shocking. Everyone is after Sookie. Always. How is she even the least bit surprised. *yawn*

blue: At least sometimes they want to kill her rather than just love her.

Mamafesto: That’s true. But still, I appreciate a good cliffhanger. That wasn’t it.
Final thoughts?

blue: I am really interested to see what happens when Bill tries to believe really hard but still has doubts. Obviously he is aligning himself with Salome, who is an absolute true believer. And obviously there are two significant factions in this group – the believers and the pretenders (with some pretenders and opportunists hidden among the believers) and the more powerful faction is the smaller, unstable one because it is led by take-no-prisoners Russell who is also a loose cannon.. so I see a power struggle ahead.

Mamafesto: Certainly a power struggle. And with Russell’s declaration to turn to the fae for their blood – all hell is going to break out next. And only 2 more episodes left to resolve it. Should be interesting if they give us something satisfactory or string us along until next season. hm…

As always – we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

7 thoughts on “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Episode 10

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  2. Great recap! I’ve been really impressed with Ryan Kwanten this season. Jason Stackhouse has been featured in every episode and he’s been given many opportunities to really ACT. He’s done a great job. I still love this show!

  3. Fail. The ego of Hollywood writers has spoiled this series. What is the point of taking the story so far away from the original intent of the author? While the show remains entertaining, it has gone so far away from the original characters created by Ms. Harris that now it is just a TV writer ego contest to see who can take a great story and turn it into trash the quickest. here I am at episode 4 of season five, and the story makes no sense. The clueless writers,as they always seem to do in these series keep introducing more and more characters, and so loose the spirit and the grace of the original writing by Ms. Harris. I wonder how she feels about what the morons at HBO are doing to her characters? HBO has changed the story in a very unacceptable way. Harris really knows how to keep her story going and stays absolutely faithful to her characters in her sequels, but HBO is just running crazy at this point. There seems to be some sort of built-in failure with the culture of TV writers. they establish a great story and then at some point, inevitably destroy what they created. Season Five has lost the thread and the integrity of this great series and this is real a shame. Sookie Stackhouse is one of the great characters, one of the best vampire stories ever, but that is not good enough for the sodden brains at HBO who are destroying the series.

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