Not that I’m all that surprised, thought… Let’s see if anyone can spot the difference between the 5 various covers GQ put out in honor of their “Man of the Year” awards. Spoiler alert: 1 image may be NSFW.

John Slattery

Tinie Tempah

James Corden

Robbie Williams

Lana Del Rey



11 thoughts on “OH GQ…

  1. Ha. I don’t know who *any* of those people are! I guess I’m just too old. And I’m definitely not in the GQ target demographic.

  2. Wait…there are some starving women clamouring for food from James Corden…and someone’s stolen that woman’s clothes…must be freezing….yes, those covers are a joke, just not a funny one. Thank you for doing what you do, Mamafesto.

    • Regardless of her level of talent, there’s no need to portray her as simply the sum of her naked parts. Your level of talent shouldn’t depict how clothes you can be on the cover of a magazine.

  3. Very annoying. And it’s not only the clothes…the men are expressing power and confidence with their body language, whereas her position (on the floor, head slightly tilted and mouth parted) implies vulnerability and submission.

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