This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Season 5 Finale

The last in a series of chats between me and the blogger blue milk where we’ve tackled each episode in season 5 of True Blood. But have no fear, we’ll be back for season 6, no matter how bizarre and frustrating this past season was at times. To catch up on our previous chats check out:

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And finally… we did a little something special for the final episode of season 5 and chatted *as* we watched. So, if you have yet to watch it yourself, feel free to watch & read along for our thoughts as we watched – it actually might help you understand what we’re referring to. As always, don’t read any further if you do not want spoilers for episode 12 of True Blood!

blue milk: Ooh Eric.
Mamafesto: Okay, how could Sookie have fried him way back when, but an entire group (coven?) couldn’t make a dent
 and ew.
 Still sexy. And funny.
blue: I like him covered in splatter?
Mamafesto: I just like him.
blue: Something wrong with me.
Mamafesto: Not at all. His little cheeky look and naughty line. But Russell is gone for good now?
blue: So that’s a big ending for a character, was it big enough?
Mamafesto: Nah, not big enough. Oooh… Eric, Nora, Sookie! Um… Jason got knocked a little too hard in the head.
blue: Bill confronting the reality of his new morality.
Mamafesto: Haha Bill trying to catch a fly. I like Eric & Nora acting like siblings
blue: Nora hates sex workers? You expect more wisdom when you live so long.
Mamafesto: Eric & Jason’s verbal sparring FTW!
blue: Dad is a bit of a dick.
Mamafesto: Right? Is it really his dad? Or his image of his dad? (bad hit to the head? ghosts? Anything goes at this point)
blue: Bill, you schemer.
Mamafesto: ok, I have no idea wtf is going on in Bill’s head. Lot of sad nudity. “Crazy feeds crazy.” amen.
blue: I bet, Pam. (That bit about living for so long and seeing the same power struggles over and over again)
Mamafesto: Uh oh. this doesn’t look good
blue: That will be mortifying when she comes down.
Mamafesto: V is a nasty drug. They’ve driven that home plenty. I do not like this Jason. “The time for tolerance is over” is not the Jason I know.
blue: I like this back story on V.
Mamafesto: Same. Do not like the implication of that. ugh. (referring to raping of the girls on V)
blue: Yeah.
Mamafesto: And Alcide’s father has V?
blue: The photo I Russell and Steve is gorgeous!
Mamafesto: I want Lafayette to make me a cocktail
blue: Guess nobody works while Sam is away
Mamafesto: oh man, this plot line. boom in Andy’s face.
blue: Awkward for Andy. This is funny.
Mamafesto: Yeah “can we talk.” Not going to be good. And yes. Appreciate the levity.
blue: Drunk lady is right. Andy is hotter
Mamafesto: Faerie birth!
blue: Haha
Mamafesto: Her light broke – LOVE it. If only. (and yes, Andy is def hotter out of uniform)
blue: Bill likes to mix sex and killing
Mamafesto: Okay, this is what annoys me. Sookie can read minds. She can tell something is off with Jason. READ HIS MIND.
blue: Sookie has had sex with two vampires, stop making out there’s heaps and heaps. Yes! Orgasmic birthed.
Mamafesto: I love that Holly is “midwiving.”
  The audience is awesome
blue: Big newborn!
Mamafesto: Faeries do it bigger
blue: I normally hate birth scenes because they’re so inaccurate but that was so inaccurate it was good.
Mamafesto: Exactly. omg this exchange between “Steve” and Chelsea.
blue: Sam get out of there. Great acting
Mamafesto: I love when actors play a character as another
blue: Yes.
Mamafesto: 4! And she’s up and at ’em! and off!
blue: Haha she’s an idol.
Mamafesto: Jane Bodehouse is rocking it. And Holly won’t let him off. nice.
blue: Non glamorous vamps confuse me.
Mamafesto: I agree. Oh, this is going to be brutal. And yes. yes it was. New packmaster in the house. And he’s cleaning house. I approve.
blue: Wish the female wolves weren’t victims. They’re not in the books are they? I mean they’re breeders but then so are the men to a degree. The Sookie Test
Mamafesto: It all comes down to Sookie. Oh…this should be good. More Rev Steve as Sam as Rev Steve.
blue: Buttering each other’s biscuits, good euphemism.
Mamafesto: I may have used it a time or two
blue: Oh. Is it American?
Mamafesto: Oh no.
blue: HAHAHA
Mamafesto: Oh, the phrase? Hm…maybe. “I did not see that shit coming.” I love you Lafayette. Omg she swallowed Sam! EW.
blue: Interesting way to kill a vampire
Mamafesto: Yeah, most interesting yet I’d say.  I honestly have no clue what Bill is thinking
blue: Killing her
Mamafesto: Sex 1st? omg, killer Jason…so serious. They gave Sookie a semi automatic weapon? wtf?
blue: Like how fast vampires can do the boring things
Mamafesto: Aw, Pam & Tara! More sibling Nora & Eric!
blue: Hah!
Mamafesto: Ha! LOVED Sookie & Jess’s reactions… so perfect for both of them. Ok, so he wants her to drink it? And so it comes down to Eric, Bill & Sookie… oooh, did Bill poison the blood? He did! silver! Oh wait – he’s still Team Lillith. Eh. I could not be bothered to get myself so worked up over Bill. “Freedom from fear” – interesting, especially taken in context of Alan Ball saying he was making a parallel to radical religious right – they fear what’s different. At least here. WTF?!
 blue: Wow
Mamafesto: Bill is gone?
blue: No penis shot!
Mamafesto: I KNOW!
blue: Haha filthy mothers!!
Mamafesto: We totally are. Is that really a shock to people? I thought the same thing. We saw biblical bush when it was Lillith, but nothing when it’s Bill? BS.
blue: OK, we could probably afford to do some more analysis on the show but that was fun watching together.
And analyze we did. Just a bit, after the show:
blue: In the end I am enjoying this religious fundamentalism storyline. Just feel better script-writing would have taken it up a notch.
Can see that Pam and Tara having hot sex make for an interesting storyline, but I find their connection creepy given the history.. I hope true lesbian viewers are enjoying it. Long time between drinks for true gay couple scenes in this show.

Mamafesto: Is it too much for me to hope Lafayette finds love without them getting killed or turning into a spirit, or…?

blue: Not sure how well these parent ghosts are working with Jason – they’re such horrible people. We’re supposed to view their untimely deaths as tragic.

Mamafesto: Yeah. I’m curious as to how this storyline will progress next season. I don’t really like it either. I’m mostly over them giving Jason a personality switch when it suits the plot, and expecting viewers to just go along with it.

blue: I think Alcide is dead to me as a sex-interest character.. I have been pushing it uphill from the beginning with him, just can’t get excited about him and think, with the exception of his participation in the best sex scene of the season he has been more boring this season than last.. and then recently I heard the actor who plays him read Ayn Rand.

Mamafesto: And there goes my Alcide ladyboner. Ayn Rand? Really? sigh. But yes, that really was one of the more remarkable and stand out sex scenes in the show for me thus far. Alan Ball, if you’re reading…more of that, please. With Eric.

blue: Love the idea of killing Bill off. Think this is what the storylines have needed – unpredictable exits and also, think the writing has dragged by having to try and incorporate the Bill triangle for longer than it would have naturally survived.. particularly as SPOILER – he is not a substantial character in the books. I guess he might be the number one villain for next season but I think he is just there for the first episode next season. Surely that spooky demon vampire haunting Sookie in her bathroom is the villain for next season?

Mamafesto: Perhaps multiple villains? You know the show doesn’t shy away from juggling as many plot lines as possible, even to the detriment of the show at times. It will definitely be interesting to see how Bill and Sookie deal with this situation, if only because the show built up their “great love” for so long. I often wonder if my general annoyance/distaste for Bill is due to reading the books after watching the first season. The books definitely are more Team Eric than Bill.

blue: Also, nice to see Eric back.. and killing off Russell – best way for him to go..not with those silly useless faeries. I think I mentioned the anti-sex worker line about Pam.. and also, no penis shot of Bill at the end?
Mamafesto: I brought that up with some friends, and one noted that he might have it in his contract to not do full frontal nudity. So…while his contract may stipulate that, it can’t have a clause in it not to give the worst hair dye jobs on the face of this planet?
blue: Haha. Also, penis patience is wearing thin. We had so much Lillith bush this season.
Mamafesto: Seriously. Perhaps next season?
And so…until then fellow True Blood-ers, we leave you with this:

6 thoughts on “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Watching True Blood: Season 5 Finale

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  2. I’m having TB withdrawals now, it’s my V. I enjoyed this season and loved reading your and Blue Milk’s commentary. The whole praise Lillith religious fundamentalism was starting to wear thin, so I was disappointed that she’s revived in Bill. I agree that Russell’s death wasn’t dramatic/important enough, though it was nice that he died on a full stomach of fae blood. I loved Pam and Tara hooking up, stressing about Andy raising quads and wish Jason would make up his mind about vampires.

  3. I don’t think it’s a good sign when you get distracted by behind the scenes speculation – but I think the Authority scenes with Sookie must have been filmed earlier as she looked very pregnant when she was with the fairies.

    • ooh, yes. I saw some pictures from set where some enterprising person went and looked for all instances of Ana holding something in front of her stomach to cover the baby bump. Curious if they work it into the plot for next season or if there’s enough time during hiatus to have her baby and then return to work no longer pregnant, etc…

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