Submit to the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival: Fifth Edition (Having It All)

The topic of “Having It All” is certainly one that I’ve taken to task numerous times before, and now – I want to hear from you! I am excited to announce that I’ll be hosting this month’s Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival and my topic of choice is: Having It All.

Thinking/writing about having it all can certainly be a horror show, at least with the way the media plays it up at times, so what better topic to tackle for the month of October? The media loves to push the Have It All headline – knowing that the debate surrounding whether women can in fact, have it all, will provide them with clicks and page hits galore. But what does having it all even mean? Does it mean the perfect life/work balance? Does it mean having a government and society that wants to see you succeed as much as you do? Does it mean privilege and upward mobility?

Feel free to go anywhere you’d like with this topic – a feminist analysis of having it all, the perspective of a child-free person, your own definition of having it all, etc… the sky is the limit.

Perhaps you’ve already written a post that fits this month’s theme, or maybe you’ve been tossing around an idea that relates. This blog carnival is open to both previously published posts (within the last year) and of course to new posts written before the deadline.

Posts are due October 28th and will post on Halloween, October 31st. You can submit using the Blog Carnival form.

*Make sure to check out all the ground rules for the blog carnival over at Small Strokes and check out last month’s edition: Faith & Feminism. 

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