As of this afternoon, there will only be 3 days left in the Indiegogo campaign my friend Carrie and I started to help fund Our Reality. 3 more days left to fund a project that will provide an alternate platform for teen parents, in a world that seems to embrace the stigmatizing and sensationalizing that MTV trots out in the guise of “reality” television.

Carrie and I care so much about this project that we even went in front of the camera to explain why we’re doing this:

We’ve gathered some amazing contribution perks in hopes of inspiring some larger donations. But, despite having over 50 contributors thus far, we’re still almost $6,000 away from our goal with only 3 days left to raise it.

Here’s what happens if we DON’T raise our goal amount:

-Indiegogo will take out double the percentage in fees then if we did make our goal.

-We’ll have less money to spend on equipment rentals, travel costs, editing, our website, etc… resulting in fewer videos in the web-series.

I’ll still be running the personal narrative writing workshop for the young mothers at the Care Center this coming winter, so they’ll certainly be given the time and opportunity to write out their stories. We just want a chance to then share those stories with everyone else.

Please help us get that chance. With 3 days left, it’s go time – any contribution helps and we have perks of all kinds for all different amounts. Check out our campaign, consider donating today, and please – share with others in hopes that we can push back against the stigmatizing narrative that is the current face of teen parenthood that you find, when flipping through a magazine or  TV.

2 thoughts on “3…2…1

  1. Hello there!
    First of all let me congratulate you for this initiative. It is a great thing that people like you are gathering efforts for a noble cause such as this one. And talking about CAUSES, maybe you’ve heard of the organisation that holds the same name? Everybody can start a petition and raise money, etc. It workson Facebook and it was founded in San Francisco. I recently wrote a post about it here:

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