Women Who Inspire

I was recently asked (along with with the women of Hello Ladies and The Eloquent Woman) to help curate a list of women who inspire  in honor of Women’s History Month. I was happy to name a few inspirational women to add to the list – featured at Skinny Scoop – and now I want to know who inspires you! You can head over to the list and click on the ones who inspire you and see how your list compares to other women.



I also want to hear who you would have included – share below!

And, as a little teaser… I will say that the inspirational woman I have somehow managed to snag to write the foreword of my book is among those listed! *zips lips*

3 thoughts on “Women Who Inspire

  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a feminist, atheist woman who is critical of Islam and its oppression of women. She endured so much, renounces her faith and boldly stands for what most women from her part of the world could never dream of. I respect that so much.

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