Mama’s Day


Not sure if it’s the high pollen count around here or what, but my eyes are watering something fierce over these incredible Mother’s Day cards from Strong Families.


These vibrant and beautiful cards show families in every form.


These cards celebrate the diversity and uniqueness that results when families are created (or chosen).


These cards push back against the tired, stereotypical narrative of what it means to be a mother by sharing images of families who don’t usually have access to the tallest or loudest platforms.


So hop on over to Strong Families’s card generator – pick your favorite and add your own special message (like I did to the one up top), and send it to a special mama in your life!

Also – if you’re looking for some suggestions for alternative Mother’s Day gifts, I’ve written up a list for The Frisky. Spoiler alert: it does not contain advice on brunch, jewelry, or spa days. So, please – check it out and share some other ideas in the same vein if you have them!


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