Loup Kids: Big Style for Little People

If you’re a long time reader of this site, you’ll know that this is not a space that runs on sponsorships or advertisements. I don’t allow unsolicited guest blog posts, and the guest posts I do have are usually from close friends or respected colleagues. I also don’t usually review or promote products/companies unless I personally really dig them and seek *them* out (which causes me much befuddlement as to why I continue to get an inbox-clogging amount of PR requests every day). But, when my friend Yulia (we’ve known each other since elementary school!) reached out to me about the Kickstarter for her new kids’ clothing company, I immediately said yes, and here’s why.

It’s no secret that I’m a little dismayed at the clothing selection when it comes to little kids, boys especially. Boys’ clothes (if you don’t have the $$$ to shop at boutiquey places that usually have more style/choice) tend to be drab, boring, and littered with awful cartoons or sports/vehicle pictures. The kiddo – no big surprise – tends to love more vibrant color choices with other types of patterns, and it can be really hard to find stuff we dig.


Yulia’s company, Loup Kids, is a mash up of fun, awesome designs and cute colors/cuts – clothes for *all* kids. Her hope is to have a line to present at the ENK trade show in 2014. To raise the funds she’s turned to Kickstarter.

What I love about Loup Kids is that there’s no “boy” section or “girl” section – just awesome, creative clothing for kids. So if your little boy wants some gold glitter leggings or your little girl wants to rock a wolfman t-shirt, go for it. Yulia’s Kickstarter campaign also has some pretty amazing rewards, including a homemade coloring book that is all sorts of awesome (for only a $10 donation!).


So head on over to Kickstarter, check out Yulia’s campaign, and invest in a company that won’t make you cringe when shopping for back-to-school clothes for your kids.

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