Delivering Peace: Supporting Mamas in Hard Places

From time to time I publish guest posts from Circle of Health International (COHI), a group of midwives and health care professionals committed to providing quality maternal health care worldwide. Read on to learn more about their newest campaign related to Syria. This guest post is written by Simone Lance


Photo Credit: Jessica Alderman

Mom: We all have (or had) one, many of us are one, some of us hope to be, and we certainly all know a mom whom we love. Being a mom is the best, and the hardest, job in the world even in the easiest of times when you are healthy, safe, and you have all the food you need. But all moms throughout the world aren’t so fortunate, and yet they do their best each day to love, provide for, and keep their children safe.

Circle of Health International (COHI) supports moms in disaster and conflict zones during their pregnancies, through their deliveries, and into those blissful and terrifying days of newborn love. We do this by providing health care, supplies, and related training to the midwives, nurses, and doctors in place in the regions we visit.

In November, COHI is leading a medical delegation, heading into the Middle East, to work alongside community organizations in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, the West Bank, and Israel.

This delegation, COHI’s seventh, will spend 21 days providing training, bringing in supplies and equipment & doing direct clinical service work, as we all work together to keep babies & their mamas safe.

We will be sharing the delegates’ experiences every day from November 16-December 6. Be sure to sign up for the COHI newsletter for updates, live streams and blog posts. Here you will learn exactly how COHI faces the challenges of providing maternal healthcare in these challenging settings.

To make a donation towards this delegation, please visit our Indiegogo campaign, HERE by October 21, 2013. After Oct. 21, please donate HERE.


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