#TeamIUD… Now With Swag

TeamIUD VerB

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen me tweet the #TeamIUD hashtag maybe once or twice or a bazillion times.

Yes. I’m one of those. An IUD enthusiast. An IUDivangelist.

I got my IUD 3 years ago and after a bit of a rocky start, I love it. Because I have good insurance coverage, it cost all of $25 and I’m good for a while. It allows me to not really think about birth control while knowing I’m using the method that offers the most protection after abstinence or sterilization. I also have lighter (and less crampy/painful) periods, which is all around awesome*.

I’m not shy about proclaiming my love for the IUD. Whenever the topic of birth control comes up, I weigh in with my two cents, raving about my IUD and all its benefits. Online, in person, I sing its praises.

While the IUD may have had a bad wrap long ago, it’s popularity is growing and its fans are just as passionate as I am about their love for this little T. Point: NY Mag’s The Cut wrote up this piece last year – IUD Evangelism: The Birth Control That Converts.

And while I understand that there are those who have tried the IUD and hated it, it still doesn’t dissuade me from proclaiming myself firmly #TeamIUD. I can admit that it may not be right for everyone, but what current form of birth control is?

To show my IUD love, I teamed up with some fellow fab IUD users to create the #TeamIUD shop over at Zazzle. We’re offering #TeamIUD swag (t-shirts for now, but if you’d like something else, just let us know. A #TeamIUD cell phone case or tote perhaps?).

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 8.49.05 AM

We have a few different versions up right now (which you can customize: Put them on a long sleeve t or tank top! Make your t-shirt grey or pink or green!) and for today only, Zazzle is running a 15% off sale with the code: OCTBERSALE15

So what are you waiting for? Show some IUD pride and hop on over to Zazzle. You know you want to rock out a #TeamIUD t-shirt. It will make the IUDivangelism that much easier!

UPDATE: Because our #TeamIUD store is so new, it seems like the products aren’t available directly from the store just yet. Here are links to the individual products:

Shirt #1

Shirt #2

Shirt #3

Shirt #4

*Check out this site for more science-type info on the IUD. 

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