Delving into the #Femisphere


For the last year and a half, I’ve been writing The Femisphere: a regular series over at Ms. Magazine‘s website. The Femisphere profiles and highlights various sub genres within the Feminist blog-o-sphere. I started the series because I was amazed at the depth and variety of feminist blogs that were out there. I was also incredibly frustrated when I saw the same handful of more “popular” feminist blogs get name-checked anytime mainstream media discussed feminist websites. I knew there were more out there – ones that were more niche, perhaps, but were writing about some important stuff in smart ways. Instead of getting angry that the same few sites were getting all the recognition I decided to turn the lens and focus on the other ones that could use a little highlighting. The feminist blog-o-sphere is more diverse than mainstream media lets on and this series helps demonstrate that.

I’ve had the privilege to share some amazing bloggers and the work that they do. At times I’ve done straight up profiles, and at other times I’ve moderated panel discussions. Regardless of method, it’s always fascinating to learn more about the various feminist bloggers out there making waves and change.

My column has taken me all over the feminist blog-o-sphere (and if you haven’t checked these out, I strongly encourage you to do so):

“Mommy” Bloggers * Reproductive Rights Bloggers * Trans Feminist Bloggers (part 2) (part 3)*  African Feminist Bloggers  (part 2) (part 3* Video Bloggers (part 2)* Sports Bloggers * Education & Teaching Bloggers * Faith & Religion Bloggers (part 2) * Fashion & Beauty Bloggers * Latina Bloggers * Foodies & Food Politics Bloggers *  Canadian Bloggers * Fitness Bloggers

And now – I’m turning to you to find new sub genres and ones I haven’t tapped into yet. What feminist blogs/bloggers should I be checking out? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


5 thoughts on “Delving into the #Femisphere

  1. I’m taking a stab at being a feminist blogger, looking particularly at women of and in literature through the lens of academic and political feminism. At the moment it’s really a collection of random thoughts on what I’m reading at the time, but I’m hoping to turn it into a useful, and informative, forum. The site is called Femmeliterate and right now it’s at http:/

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