I Fund Abortions

I fund abortions.


This really shouldn’t come as any surprise.

I’ve written about my pro-choice stance before, and I’ve even written about how I’ve bowled alongside my son as we raised money for abortion access (to the shock, awe, and anger of many, many internet commenters).

To be honest, most of my annual giving tends to center around parenting in one way or another. I support MotherWoman, a local organization that fights for mothers and families by providing support groups, provider trainings, and tons of legwork when it comes to policy advocacy and change. In their own words: MotherWoman supports and empowers mothers to create positive personal and social change by building community safety nets, impacting family policy and promoting the leadership and resilience of mothers. You can support them as well just by “liking” their FB page. They will receive $3 for every new like from now until Thanksgiving from a generous sponsor!!

I also support the Prison Birth Project – an incredible grassroots organization that works at the juncture of motherhood and the criminal justice system. In addition to fighting for better, more humane policies, they are on the ground and in prisons offering support groups, doula care, and advocacy for incarcerated mothers.

And yes, I also support various abortion funds. Because it should be up to an individual to decide whether (or if!) they want to become a parent. I support organizations from the local Abortion Rights Fund of Western MA to places like the Lilith Fund in TX, who are fighting to help provide access, particularly when local government works to strip it away.  It can feel so frustrating when we witness systematic barriers continuously being thrown up against a person’s right to choose what happens to their body. Helping to fund some of these organizations at least allows me to do something small on my end.

So why am I writing about this now? Because the fabulous Lauren Rankin has started the I Fund Abortions tumblr. The page highlights those who fund abortion, and works toward eliminating any stigma attached to it. Do you fund abortion? Email Lauren to add your voice and face to others working to ensure access to reproductive rights. 

9 thoughts on “I Fund Abortions

  1. Pure awesomeness!!!
    I live in Sweden and here abortions are free for those who need this choice. As is counseling and support whatever your choice. 6 years ago I needed to use this right to choose what I wanted to happen with my body. Today I am a new mom to a four-month-old baby. The baby I could have now because my country gives me the right to choose for myself.
    I think what you are doing is amazing and and you have my unlimited admiration!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am SO glad you were able to have that choice and the support of your government to make it safely and w/o any economic duress. I wish people in my country had the same options!

      On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 4:39 PM, The Mamafesto

  2. Amen! And it’s important to note that supporting abortions IS about supporting family planning – it’s a significant part of making a world of wanted children. Thanks for this!

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