#365FeministSelfie – Let’s Do This!

My friend Veronica Arreola over at Viva La Feminista has started the #365FeministSelfie hashtag with a call for proud, positive, daily selfies for all of 2014.

Veronica writes,

Then there are the countless pieces that claimed some selfies as feminist – WOC rarely see themselves reflected in media, people over a size 4 are told to hide themselves, transgender persons want to be seen…hell, a lot of people responded to anti-selfie moments by saying, “I do not see myself represented in the media, so I’m making my own!” Also Jamie Nesbitt Golden (@thewayoftheid) and Kate Averett (@convergecollide) started the #feministselfie hash tag that this project builds on.

YES to all of this! While I’m a bit apprehensive about doing this everyday (What if I’m sick? What if I have a huge zit? What if I’m having a down-on-me day?), I also think it fits in perfectly with the message behind the Good Mother Myth: we’re not all perfect and that’s okay. We need more representations of ourselves out there – in every shape and form and the selfie is a relatively easy & accessible way to do that.

Also, the “pressure” of taking one every day means I probably won’t give the time and energy I do with most selfless -there won’t be a bunch of shots taken to pick the best from, not when I have to do this daily. So, what you see will be what you get – the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly – and I kind of love that (and fear that all at once).

So, with all that said, I am joining Veronica and everyone else who wants to take #365FeministSelfie on! You can follow along with me on Twitter or via the hashtag. Let’s see those fabulous faces!


5 thoughts on “#365FeministSelfie – Let’s Do This!

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